Ditch the Douchebag & Be Free

The douchebag is more a persona than a person—it’s an attribute that we all possess to some degree. Here are ways to walk softly, with a conscious heart.

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Tidying the Home & Heart to Invite New Love

Home is where the heart is, so you should treat it as such. Kriste Peoples breaks down your spring cleaning to invite new love.

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Denver Destinations: Nature in the City

Far removed from happening hipster tap houses, Kriste Peoples takes us on a journey through her top choices of Denver destinations for relaxation.

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How Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone Can Be a (Very) Good Thing

“Better to be safe than sorry” does not apply to matters of the heart. Kriste Peoples sings the praises of dating outside your comfort zone.

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Finding Your Place on the Religion/Spirituality Continuum

Does religion = true faith? Does spirituality = connection to Source? Kriste Peoples gets real about drawing lines on the Religion/Spirituality Continuum.

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Haunted by the Ghost of Relationships Past

Have you ever experienced a relationship haunting? Kriste Peoples awakens the ghost of relationships past and weaves us a touching tale of lost love.

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A Holiday Carol Lauding Self Worth

Celebrate your needs and self worth in the cadence of the holidays. Kriste Peoples teaches us how to navigate harmful small talk with love and assertion.

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4 Reasons Self-Confidence is Crazy Sexy

Kriste Peoples describes the perfect example of how rebuilding self confidence can strengthen your sexual magnetism. Start over, be sexier and live happy.

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