10 Romantic Love Habits

We hate to deliver unwanted news, but romance doesn’t just “happen.” Nope. Romance is cultivated with presence and intention; it begins with love habits.

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Are You a Good Choice as a Partner?

We spend so much time deciding if our partner is juuuust right for us, we forget half of the equation. Time to decide if YOU are a good choice as a partner.

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3 Signs of an Ego Battleground Instead of a Relationship

Relationships have hiccups, but if you’re living in hostile conditions for love—an ego battleground—it’s time to change. Be on alert for these three signs.

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Why Can’t We Get Enough of Bad Boys?

Bad boys. We love to love them, don’t we? But if your infatuation is keeping you from a long-lasting relationship, it might be time to start looking within.

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What Non-Attachment Can Teach Us About Intimacy

Non-attachment is often confused for de-tachment, an unhealthy way to grow relationship. But the true nature of non-attachment deepens intimacy. Read on.

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The Spirituality of Desire

Understanding sexuality has concerned cultures for centuries. From gurus to researchers, the question remains: what’s the tie between spirituality and desire?

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How to Let Go of Relationship Baggage

What if your relationship baggage wasn’t an accumulation of failure, but instead the source for unparalleled self-growth and gratitude? It can be.

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Why You Should Ditch the Self Help Habit

Self awareness and positive thinking are intricately linked to self improvement. But at what cost? Let’s consider if it’s time to lose the self help habit.

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8 Rules for Getting Over a Breakup

Broken hearts take time to heal, but there are tried and true ways of helping the process along. Getting over a breakup? Consider this your survival kit.

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