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9 Things to Know Before You Fall for Your Best Friend

Some think dating a friend isn’t worth the risk, we say maybe we should take a second look. Here’s what to know before you fall for your best friend.

You’re best friends and really enjoy each other’s company. Maybe it starts slowly with a few flirting glances, a touch once in a while, but never goes any further. Or it could begin the same way, but continues to develop until you both realize what’s happening and take that next step. Or, it could just happen right out of the blue! You both feel a spark, and that’s it! You both want to be more than just friends. And so it goes from there—developing into a romantic relationship like none you’ve known before.

Most people hesitate to move from a friendship to a romantic relationship, and for good reasons. On one hand, both people cherish the friendship they already have and don’t want to risk losing it. On the other hand, it’s hard to dismiss romantic feelings. In this situation the friends need to decide if this new relationship is worth the risk involved.

When your best friend is the person you’re dating, it is far more than an emotional and physical relationship. You’ll find yourselves connected on a deeper mental and spiritual level. Below are just some of the things you experience.

You Share a Solid Friendship

You have a lot in common already; dating just intensifies it. Your connection has now evolved—not so much out of the physical attractions, but your common interests.

You’ve Known Each Other Forever

Some couples—even if they weren’t best friends before dating—felt as if they’ve known one another longer than they actually have. There are times when you know what your best friend is thinking—maybe all of the time. You don’t have to get involved in any guessing games or overanalyze each other.

Because you know each other so well, you may even have your first fight a lot sooner. You’ve always told your best friend how you felt and being in this new relationship won’t change that. You know what bothers each other and knows when to stop pushing and back off.

Your Interests Will Overlap

Since you know each other so well, chances are you share some of the same interests. But it will be fun finding new interests you can explore together will add another exciting element to the already-solid relationship.

You’re Comfortable with Each Other

You are comfortable and relaxed with each other whether you are at home eating pizza and watching a movie or are working side-by-side on your laptops. Then again, you’re just as comfortable going out to dinner and a play. No matter what it is, it’s comfy!

Everything falls into place, and you remain in the comfort zone. You don’t have to get dressed up to impress each other because you’re living together in the idyllic relationship. It’s just the way it should be—easy, no pressure, totally relaxed.

As best friends, and there won’t be a problem opening up to each other about dark secrets and fears. You trust each other and are there to comfort through the worst that can happen.

Conversations Are Open

Because you’re best friends, there’s no worry about saying something wrong. You “get” each other and understand that you’re your real selves when you’re together. One of you feels the need to rant and rave about something and let’s go. The other tends to listen, then rallies right along with you.

If you teased and made fun of each other when you were just friends, you won’t stop doing it now that you’re dating—instead of a playful push, the teasing will most likely end with a kiss on the cheek.

There’s No Need to Dress Up—But You Might

Your best friend has probably seen you in your non-fashionable sweats before; that’s because you never really thought about how you looked to each other. Since you’ve already got such a strong foundation, the pressure’s still off; but, it’ll be fun dressing up and looking good for each other when the mood strikes. It’s an attraction on a new level that will be enjoyed together

You Talk to Each Other (A Lot)

Your best friend is the one you loved to spend time with, and those memories will casually slip into your conversations. You remember some silly things you did, some funny jokes, or adventures you experienced together. Unlike other couples who have to start building memories from the beginning, you’re way ahead. You have all of those great memories from the start, and you’re building new ones.

Love & Support Are Beyond Compare

There is always some chance taken when two people fall in love; but it’s different when best friends are the ones falling for each other. You both know you’ll always be there for one another, whether the relationship is a technical success or not. You are both a lover and a friend to one of your favorite people; lovers on the most intimate, physical levels and true friends supporting each other through thick and thin.

It’s Worth It

Most couples will say yes! Even though there were risks involved, the outcome was well worth it. There may be times when it becomes a bit difficult to merge the friendship—shedding your less-intimate identities—with this new romantic relationship. When this is finally accomplished, the relationship continues getting better and better. You’ll find it was definitely worth the extra effort to create this special bond.

This is the person who will always support you, laugh with you (and sometimes at you), and is also your best friend. This is the most important person in your life. Out of all the crazy decisions a person makes in a lifetime, when two best friends are given the opportunity to fall in love… they should take it!

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