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Bill Murray Delivers Stellar Advice on Life & Love

We like to consider ourselves open-minded when it comes to valuable relationship advice, but even we were surprised to find that the fiercely-funny Bill Murray recently delivered some amazing advice on love.

Anyone who is old enough to have seen Bill Murray’s films will regard him as one of the funniest and, as of late in his career, most diverse actors in his generation.

Very few, however, would think of him as a wise-man who might offer exceptional advice when it comes to relationships and love; but a handful of college-aged men in Charleston, South Carolina recently had the pleasure of meeting Murray and seeing him in such a light.

When one member of a bachelor party discovered that Murray was in the steakhouse where the party was dining, he convinced the famous actor to say a few words to his friend, the future groom; the results were both hilarious and poignant. 

Murray’s speech, recorded by Deadspin, culminated in a thoughtful piece of advice on how to find “the one” and a suggestion to the group to hoist the groom-to-be onto their shoulders.

[image: via Paul Sherwood on flickr]

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