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Date Ideas for the Conscious Couple

If you identify as a conscious couple, there’s a decent chance you and your special someone may want some fresh date ideas. We’ve got 14 to get you rolling!

The best thing about going out on a date is exploring the world with someone at your side. “Date night” is also a wonderful way to reconnect with your sweetheart and can help you remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in, there is always something new to learn about your partner.

It can be incredibly easy to get caught in a dating rut, though. If dinner and a movie is your “go to” Saturday night plan, you might be missing out on opportunities to see your significant other through fresh eyes. Getting out of the house and watching your partner in different situations is a key element to really knowing them on a deep and intrinsic level.

Quite often couples do something together to experience the thing itself—like go to a movie because they both really want to see it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also good to plan quality activities together that can help you grow both as a couple, and as individuals. Having fun is another plus!

If your dating life is getting a bit mundane, try asking the question “What do we want to experience?” instead of “What do we want to do?” when planning time together. Maybe you need a little sensuality or relaxation or an exciting adrenaline rush. Figure that bit out first, then find an activity that will support both of your needs and desires.

Here are some wonderful dating ideas for the consciously minded:

Take a laughter yoga class. If you haven’t done one before, you are in for a treat! Most classes begin with having participants stare into another person’s eyes while forcibly laughing. Pretty soon the fake laughter turns into genuine hilarity without anyone saying a word. It’s a great way to bond with your partner on a completely different level.

Be a spiritual tourist. Most people don’t realize how many hidden spiritual gems are hiding in their own backyards. Check out ashrams, churches, labyrinths, or natural power spots like vortexes.

Join a circling group. Circling is meditation, art, and group conversation all melded into one activity. It’s a way to deepen your connection to someone through practicing present moment awareness. It can be an intense, intimate experience, but it’s also incredibly fun. Watch out, though—it can be addicting!

Do a spiritual workshop. Try to find a class where there is interaction—like tantric massage, developing psychic abilities, or energy healing.

Volunteer. Find an act of service that you will both enjoy. You can walk dogs at an animal shelter, restore bikes for homeless kids, or get your hands dirty at a local community garden.

Take turns picking an item off of your bucket list and do it together. Have you ever wanted to jump out of a plane, sing with a band onstage, or crash a wedding? If it’s doable, then do it together and check it off of your list. If you don’t have a bucket list yet, make a date with your partner to create one.

Hang out in nature. Hiking is always a great date, but if you’re not an active couple, taking a walk in a beautiful place is just as nice. Studies show that the body releases “feel good” hormones and takes in more oxygen when we are active in nature, which are the same things that we experience after we have an orgasm.

Stargazing. I know it’s cliché, but stargazing really is the best date ever. Download a night sky app, pack a blanket, wine, and tasty treats, find a quiet place, and get your cuddle on beneath the stars.

Unwind with couples yoga. Doing yoga together can be bonding, relaxing, and downright sexy. If one or both of you is really bad at it, it can also be highly amusing. Find a studio that offers partner classes.

Go on a ghost hunt or ghost tour. Being scared is a great excuse to cling to your partner, but ghost hunting can also be a fascinating and educational experience. Plus, you can learn a lot about a person by their reaction to things unseen.

Dance together. Conscious dancing—ecstatic dance, Core Connexion, and Soul Motion, to name a few—is a wonderful way to cultivate a relationship with the self, as well as connect with others.

Meet at the bookstore. You can meander around and browse together, or make a game out of it by creating challenges, like a treasure hunt. An example would be to find a book that has the words “happily ever after” in it, or a cookbook that has a recipe you think your date might like. You can give yourself a time limit, then share what you found with each other.

Get a tarot reading together. Go to a psychic fair or metaphysical shop and pick a person who resonates with both of you.

Go on an intimacy retreat. Who said a date can’t last all weekend? Grab your sweetheart and spend some time reconnecting with them through the art of Tantra. Tantra is the practice of sacred sexuality, and it can be transformative.

About the Author:

Barbara Buck

Barbara Buck is a Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner, writer, and teacher. She also is the facilitator for the Happy Empath community at, a website that supports and empowers people who consider themselves highly sensitive. For more information, please visit her website at You can also check her out on the Happy Empaths Twitter feed @the_empath.


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