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What Your First Date’s Food Order Says About Their Personality

For those looking for love, a food order reveals a lot about a potential mate. Kyriel Manzo prefers a man that orders something a cave man would eat.

Along with the million other things you’re supposed to notice on a first date, what your date orders will tell you a lot about them and their personality. Keep in mind that all articles and advice are guidelines and there can be exceptions to the rule. But advice and guidelines are written for a reason. Just sayin’…

If you’re down for a first date that involves food, these five food orders can be tell tale signs of what’s to come if you enter into a relationship with this person.

1) Chicken Fingers & French Fries

Congratulations! You are on a first date with a guy or girl that has eaten this exact meal for the entirety of their solid food eating stage. You’ve essentially found someone with the palate of a toddler. Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to eat anywhere that doesn’t offer mac-n-cheese or tiny cut up hot dogs. Who cares what kind of food they like to eat. Right? Wrong! Unless they are severely hung over (which is another issue), this person is exhibiting deep seeded issues with ritual and resistance to “the unknown.” If you’re someone that likes to jump out of airplanes, try new things, eat sushi, travel to Vietnam or even wants to take a painting class (just because), run as fast as you can. The person you’re on a date with probably isn’t down for action and adventure.

Note: If you’re the kind of person that fears variety and is also ordering chicken fingers… you may have found your soulmate.

2) They Don’t Eat Anything or Play the “I Just Ate” Game

Picture this: You haven’t eaten since early in the morning. You’ve been looking forward to this date all day and it just happens to be at a restaurant that you dig. You are mucho hungry and excited for the world famous appetizers that this place has to offer. You meet your date. He/she is really nice and then when the menus are passed out they politely inform you that they just ate, or they aren’t hungry. What the F? You are left with an awkward smile and a social choice. Do you eat and seem like a ravenous rhinoceros or do you suffer in silence with your waif of a date? While they sit there and insist that they can function by suctioning off nutrients from the air, you are smelling your fellow diners’ plates and a single tear rolls down your cheek. You are on a date with someone that is:

a) inconsiderate

b) doesn’t listen well to others

c) never eats unless their body is shutting down.

If you can deal with any of those things then more power to you.

3) The “I Brought My Own Food” First Date

Oh boy… if they need this much maintenance on a first date can you imagine what your future will look like? This person lives their life with one person in mind. Numero uno! Me, myself and I. They can’t imagine modifying their ways for social norms or the comfort of another person (even for a few hours). The thought of picking a suitable option off the menu is either too much effort or they checked the menu ahead of time and decided they didn’t want anything but didn’t communicate to you that this restaurant doesn’t exactly appeal to their belly. They could be a Rastafarian, vegan, rain forest Shaman and that’s totally cool. But they should be up front about their lifestyle and needs for a first date so you don’t show up to Denver’s most famous house of BBQ meat where they smoke the pigs whole on a spit in the middle of the restaurant. Expect your almond and spinach eating date to be horrified.

Bottom line: you’re on a date with someone that doesn’t communicate or is super high maintenance. 

4) Five Cocktails & No Solid Foods

If you’re there to hook up, it’s probably going to happen. This person probably isn’t interested in eating because they saved all their calories for the copious amounts of Russian Mules they are about to drink. They probably like to party. Or they just got fired. Or someone broke up with them seven seconds before this date. Or they are really nervous and can’t talk to someone they are attracted to until their social awkwardness is lubricated with liquor. Whatever the case may be, this person isn’t exactly in the most stable state. Feel free to stick around and enjoy the show. Just make sure you’re ready with cab money because this person is in no shape to drive or make decisions regarding a second date.

If you really like them, let them sleep it off and arrange for a hike date next time.

5) Appetizers, Dinner & Dessert. Oh My!

Maybe you just found my soulmate. This person is completely secure with who they are. They are going to finish that spinach dip whether you’re on board or not. They are probably enjoying the date because they are taking their time and not rushing through the meal. If you like someone that is interested in fueling their body for a ski weekend or content to stay home and enjoy Netflix and pizza, you should ask for a second date. Unless they are just using you for a free meal, this date is going well. This person is comfortable with their body and the impression they leave on people. If you want a straight shooter and someone that enjoys life, date #2 should be just as fun.

Just watch your hands. This person might accidentally fork one of your fingers in pursuit of the last pot sticker.


[image via Abd allah Foteih on flickr]

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