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How to Empower Your Relationship with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

When considering ways to empower your relationship, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset might not top the list. Trust us, you should reconsider.

The word “entrepreneur” entails organization, operation and moderate risk. Does your relationship embody those characteristics?

An entrepreneurial mindset empowers couples to stretch the limits of their beliefs, act in the fervor of unification, and relish the victory of synergistic success. Envision yourself and your partner standing in a trading room watching the logo of your enterprise running across the ticker tape. See you and your loved one sinking into the sand on the beautiful beaches of bliss as your digital product launch stacks up millions of dollars in sales. Taste the thrill of a night all to yourselves devoid of continuos checklists and demanding deadlines because you have completed them with entrepreneurial excellence.

Live into the crescendo of tender connection by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in your relationship today. Here are the three keys to unlock this delightful destiny.


Often, lovers are not disciplined enough to prioritize their activities together, preferring to have the waves of life determine their times of collaboration.

Lifestyle design can empower a couple because of its centrality of focus and excitement of planning. For example, what if you and your significant other mapped out one day each month to eat at an exquisite restaurant? The prospects of choice (what type of restaurant, what time, what day), and anticipation with each passing day will strengthen your connection. This organization can elevate a couple.


Operation—defined as “the fact or condition of functioning or being active”—baptizes the two individuals by the fire of action. Performance now integrates with affection. The groups on the television show “The Amazing Race” exemplify this paradigm quite well. Many years ago, the winners of such race were engaged in marriage, and having completed many stressful yet strengthening feats, they bonded in a dual sense of endearment and enterprise. Basking in the greatness of their victory, the couple reflected that the experience was far greater than any marriage counseling they could have received.

If you want to establish or test the legitimacy of your relationship, frequently challenge it with high-intensity and meaningful tasks. A time-bound scavenger hunt or familial contest are strong approaches. Major concerns are addressed: can I motivate her to act? Can we work in conjunction with one another, even when the subject is completely new to us? Can we, as a unit, love and learn? Through these activities, your relationship will reach new levels of clarity previously unimaginable to you.

Moderate Risk

This is perhaps the most unifying attribute of an entrepreneurial couple. Many people can engage in scavenger hunts and learn about the tendencies and fears of themselves and their partner in the process. How many couples do you know possess enough belief in each other to start a new venture or business, and potentially jeopardize a portion of their finances and status? Well, obviously, these are couples you admire for their bravery.

This is not playing off the common misconception that entrepreneurs take enormous risks. In The Google Way, author Bernard Girard emphasizes how Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin took small, calculated risks. In alignment with such sentiment, couples can garner a relative awe for their bold beliefs and actions by taking moderate yet potentially rewarding risks. This three-fold nature of entrepreneurship, instilled with the affection of a strong couple, can enhance and elevate their connection.

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