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Jessica + Miles: A MeetMindful Love Story

We love a good love story at MeetMindful, especially when the magic happens on the site! Check out the almost-didn’t-happen tale of how Jessica met Miles.

Dating in today’s world is exhausting. With so many online dating avenues, it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

“This one you should stay away from.”

“This one is for strictly hook ups.”

“This one is okay.”

“This one is ehhhh.

The messages you hear from those who have walked a block or two in the online dating world are honestly a bit discouraging—and having prior experience with dating sites myself, I personally didn’t want to make the effort again.

What happened to the days where people weren’t afraid to say “Hi” to you in person? Personal contact is becoming almost non-existent, if not with the help of some liquid courage. And as society is shifting, as are we who need to adapt to these new ways of meeting people.

With that in mind, how was I to find my person? What online world could he possibly be in?

If I wanted to find my partner, I knew I had to set my values in place and be more mindful of those I chose to date. With the theme of mindfulness in play, I came across a MeetMindful ad on my Instagram feed.

Prior to this encounter, I hadn’t heard anything about the site. I clicked the link, created my bio, added my pictures, and hoped this experience would be different than the rest.

To my surprise, the people I met on MeetMindful were actually quite insightful. Many were on a similar path, seeking someone they can share a genuine connection with.

And although I had shared some truly special conversations with a few potential bachelors, it wasn’t until I met Miles that I knew it was his type I was looking for—a kind, grounded, adventurous, and open-minded human being.

The story about how I connected with Miles is actually quite funny.

Miles was one of the first people to message me on MeetMindful—and I didn’t respond to him until five months later! This is the part where my shallowness surfaces; but honestly, I wasn’t a fan of his tuxedo vested profile picture. I know, I know, horrible of me, but this is online dating! We go by what we see. It wasn’t until Miles posted a picture of himself on a boat in the sea that my attention completely shifted. Hoping no one beat me to the punch, I finally messaged him back. He responded, and soon after we met for dinner.

On our first date, I approached a man at the bar I thought was him. Online dating, right? Five minutes into the conversation, I realized he wasn’t Miles. With some embarrassment, I said “goodbye” and frantically scaled down the bar until I spotted the next blonde-haired male. Miles happened to be at the very end of the bar, patiently waiting with a White Rascal in hand.

It was his friendly reaction to my funny encounter with his imposter—and his amazingly gorgeous smile, if I might add—that put me right at ease. That night, I felt we were both honest with our self-expression; which, in turn, earned each other’s respect. We also learned we shared the same vision, seeing something in each other that was worth exploring (and I’m glad we did).

It’s been seven months since Miles and I began officially dating. We’ve shared countless adventures together—from camping under the stars, to hiking through beautiful canyons, weekend road trips to some of California’s prettiest National Parks, and currently planning for future road trips to far away places (Hint: South America)!

I’m not quite sure how this all happened—and I don’t care to question it either—but I have to say, my attitude towards online dating has significantly changed. I’m grateful for dating sites, like MeetMindful, that are specifically geared toward attracting like-minded people.



Jessica Da Silva is a Therapist and Empowerment Coach living in Los Angeles. She blogs about everything mindful! Connect with her at Instagram @mindfullovingproject

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