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An Engagement Ring Designer’s Letter to Her Future Love

Jacqueline Stone is in the business of love. She designs engagement rings for the love-struck couples of the world. This letter goes out to her future love.

gmp bannerAn as engagement ring designer I am in the business of love. It brings me tons of joy to create tiny works of art that capture my clients’ love stories forever, but simultaneously it can sometimes be painful.

Ever hear the expression “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”?  Well, my pity party can run deep at times as I try to navigate the choppy waters of online dating.

So whatever my online profile really says, here’s what I’m trying to say to you.

I’ll never give up on a deep passionate and romantic love. Maybe it’s taking me a while to find him because I’ve had some other things to do. My ‘to do list’ included some serious self-growth, building a business, and learning how to stand proudly on my own two feet. I’m proud of where I’ve been and where I’m going, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to share my adventures with my partner in crime. If you are listening, this one’s for you.


I’m looking for a modern day gentleman. Your mama raised you right. You treat women with love and respect. You are kind. You may have a bad boy streak, but ultimately you are really good person with strong moral code. Maybe you’re still single just like me because you work so many crazy hours in this crazy town.

You make me laugh. Better yet, you crack yourself up. You smile a lot. You are strong, but you know that a real man isn’t too proud to shed some tears. You believe in romance and you know that happy contentment is built in the small, quiet moments. You have a deep spiritual side. Bonus points if you like bike riding, hiking and camping.


I’m a fairly down-to-earth gal. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t stay in the city if it wasn’t for my love of creating jewelry. I love the great outdoors: hiking, biking riding, horse-back riding, camping, you name it. I also feel like you find more laid back people in that crowd. The city makes us all a bit nuts I think. Have you been on the 4/5 during rush hour? Yep, I thought so.

I own my own business and I absolutely love what I do. I’m stubborn, silly, intense, lovable and strong. I have a huge heart and a ton of great people in my life. Just haven’t met the right man. I know you are out there.


Two kids who forgot to grow up. Dancing in the rain, singing in the snow, cuddling by the fire. We kiss each other’s tears away. We know the small things that make each other happy. We both know relationships take work and courage. We’ve learned so much from our past but we don’t hold onto it. We both know how to give really awesome hugs. We make-out like teenagers. We laugh the day away. We are grateful for every day we have on this beautiful planet… together or apart.

Is my quest for love in vain? Is it too much like an unrealistic fairy tale? Perhaps.

But what gives me hope are the men and women I meet daily who tell me that he “wants her to feel safe in every storm.” That she’s “my best friend and I’m so nervous keeping this [the proposal] from her.” Or, “I want the ring to remind him of our first date.” How the day they almost lost each other was the day that she knew “she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her forever and that day needed to start as soon as possible.” The magic is in those moments. I get to try to capture them. And one day I know my good karma will be returned and my best friend will be willing to walk to the edge of the earth with me.



Written by Jacqueline Stone

Originally published with the Good Men Project; republished with permission. 

[image: via ilovebutter on flickr]


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