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Love Happens in Stages: Don’t Skip the Steps

When we fall in “like” it’s natural to want to rush to love. But slow down, wild heart. Kahshanna Evans reminds us that love happens in stages.

How long is the road from liking an online profile to something more meaningful once it’s time to live offline?

The kisses are highly anticipated, you laugh when you’re together, and gaze warmly with mutual interest and feel as if you’ve known each other forever. Love may feel effortless, but sacred steps of becoming better acquainted can be the bridge to something greater.

Although going with the flow may feel really good, all of the excitement doesn’t mean a foundation is being built for a lasting quality conscious relationship.

For quality connections, maybe its not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Discernment and clarity are a single person’s BFF.

Being carefree and only invested in the moment can be a deal breaker for a love interest with a long-term relationship in mind. Elected romantic interests should share the same intentions once they establish a commitment to one another. This is how the “almosts” are separated from the qualified contenders.

Allowing something special to unfold happens by giving it the attention it deserves. Getting acquainted happens over time, but establishing a foundation means putting a better foot forward—this may turn the tides of casual dating to something more meaningful.

When like, love and affection make a mess, don’t run—it might be worth it.

With access to a sea of potential romantic suitors, it may be easy to avoid facing uncomfortable moments when “like” turns to something more profound. In every shadow there is a story about each partner. To be open to the possibilities of love, its important we are honest with ourselves.

There’s what we hide from others and what we hide from ourselves. If a healthy relationship is worth it, making room for discovery makes sense. If you’re willing to turn “like” to love, discovering discomfort is important.

Friendly introductions are worth their weight in gold.

While intimate alone-time is treasured, courting couples who know love is worth it will introduce their friends and social groups to one another. Allowing love to thrive means creating a day-to-day life together that is as social as it is intimate.

Friendly introductions offer each partner a glimpse into lifestyle values, interests and, hopefully, a deepened sense of appreciation and trust. It’s a way to say I care—and, contrary to popular belief, it’s not a promise or a wedding proposal. There’s nothing like dinner with friends to show healthy love does not happen in a vacuum.

Email love letters, an e-volution?

Beyond a nearly unanimous vote that in-person dialogue for likers and lovers is invaluable, conscious partners need to understand how to use other ways of communication that isn’t limited to 140 characters. Depending on culture, perception, and experience, some may adore emails as the contemporary love letter while others feel it’s the beginning of the end to quality conversation.

If the soul of a relationship is being born, both partners need to be supported and heard in every way—it’s how soul is lovingly revealed and a way for depth to be anchored in. Not all communication mediums are created equal, but the question to keep in mind is this: if it is done with heart, can it hurt?

A feverish pace can be thrilling but soul-time means lovers welcome the possibility of “like” turning to love without skipping sacred steps of quality connection. Passion can be short lived, or ignite a game changing soul connection, but racing to and through the kisses in hopes to ease the discomfort of a truly intimate connection is for beginners.

Enjoying love letters, allowing affection to unfold, spending time with friends, and exploring common interests are steps that elevate our heart and help us make space for love.


[image: via Kent Nguyen on flickr]

About the Author:

Kahshanna Evans

Years of experience in the entertainment, fashion, film and tv world as on-camera talent combined with a decade of exploring energy healing traditions to include Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Voice Dialogue and Yoga helped me sink my narrative, branding and media chops into my boutique media hub Kissing Lions Public Relations. I am also the proud author of a screenplay about the resilience of of the human spirit entitled Amani and have been published as an author in My Angel Diary 2014 (Hay House UK, short story), OM Times (poem), UrbanOracle , NYC Pulse and Complete Balance. For inspiration, I’m on Facebook, Twitter and HERE.


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