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7 Things that Influence a Man’s Sex Life

Believe it or not, a man’s sex life can be just as delicate as his female counterpart’s. Learn what that sidekick needs, he’ll love you for it. 

Having a healthy sex life is crucial to keeping a relationship going and feeling good about yourself.

Sometimes your mind sends you signals to have sex when you’re ready, and all the elements are in place. Your sidekick down below has other plans. You did get the memo, but Sidekick is asleep and on vacation. Not only does this kill your confidence but it ruins the moment. You need to give your sidekick what he needs, so he’ll wake up and perform accordingly. Mr. Sidekick is very spoiled and needs lots of attention.

Here are seven things your buddy down below needs so he can start dancing.

1. Anger. 

Having your body and mind under constant stress is not healthy. Controlling your anger is one of the key factors in improving your stress levels. Sidekick hate’s it when you get angry–it distracts him from doing his job. Getting upset not only affects your family, but Mr. Sidekick as well. He assumes you’re mad at him, so he gets’s scared and hides. Tell him you love him (he’ll appreciate it). Being positive and happy on a daily basis makes a significant difference in your life and Sidekick’s as well.

2. Focus. 

Mr. Sidekick loves when you’re concentrating on one thing. He hates when your mind is thinking 10 different things at the same time. Sidekick loves it when they’re no distractions or interruptions. Plan a weekend getaway anywhere but home. Sidekick loves traveling, especially when it’s you and your honey only. If you have trouble focusing, start meditating that helps, too.

3. Heart rate. 

Increasing your heart rate by exercising not only helps you, but it delivers more blood flow to your Sidekick. Less active = less blood flow =  Sidekick taking a siesta. Increasing blood flow to Sidekick is equal to oxygen to us. He needs it to breath, too. Time for our buddy to WAKE UP!! Continuous blood flow is the natural Viagra to Sidekick. You need to feed him and don’t deprive him of oxygen, and he loves taking breaks, so keep him breathing.

4. Food. 

Sorry to say but Sidekick is a health nut. He loves it so much that when you eat healthy, he’ll stand up and dance for you. Don’t give him any fast food, that will only depress him and make him go into his shell. There are five things he loves the most: 1. Water 2. Vitamins 3. Fresh Fruits 4. Clean Proteins 5. Fresh veggies. (I told you sidekick is spoiled, and we need to treat him like the king that he is.)

5. Drinks. 

Once in a while, Sidekick likes to party, but don’t get him drunk—he hates it. He doesn’t mind a couple of beers or an occasional glass of wine. If you can’t walk, your buddy can’t dance. Watch your alcohol intake, if drinking makes you sleepy, imagine what happen to your friend down there.

Furthermore, sodas and energy drinks are Sidekick’s nemesis. They have been in a battle for decades. They hate each other. Sidekick gets disoriented when drinking energy drinks. Keep an inventory of what you’re consuming—it may be good for the short term effects, but not the long term performance of Mr. Sidekick. Remember he’s not going anywhere, so drink wisely. 

6. Pills. 

Mr. Sidekick is very jealous. If you try to use Viagra to supervise him, that will only make him feel unappreciated. You need to give him the right tools to succeed. Don’t give up on him so easy. He’s not happy with pills, including pain medication. The more pills you take, the more unresponsive he gets. Sidekick deserves a life long term investment, not a 20 minute Viagra fix. Stop making Sidekick jealous. (Be careful, he holds grudges.)

7. Respect. 

Mr. Sidekick is very sensitive and doesn’t like being overworked. He loves working his eight hours and going home just like everyone else, but sometimes we crack the whip and expect him to work overtime, double time and sometimes triple time. We all know that we don’t’ function 100% after eight hours of work, but we expect Sidekick to perform on a Saturday night after working him all week. Relax. Give him a couple a days off during the week. Remember, he loves siestas. 

Keep notes of everything you do on a daily basis. Not knowingly, you may be doing things in your daily routine that Sidekick hates.

Take it one step at a time.

Don’t get upset at Sidekick when he’s sleeping, maybe it’s not his fault at all. Mr. sidekick always reminds us of his existence, and he is a part of us, so let’s make him happy. When you give, you receive.

Written by Joe Rodriguez

This article was originally published with the Good Men Project; republished with the kindest permission. 

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