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Mindful Moment #03 – Groundedness and the Balance of Now

It is a new year – shiny with possibility. Rather than fill it with frenetic anxiety, focus on your body – and ground down into balance. Welcome to the only email in your inbox today that isn’t asking anything from you.

Take a deep breath


Groundedness and the Balance of Now

– A meditation by Amy Barth

It’s a fine balance to exist in a place of “present” while also managing life in the modern world. How can we live in the moment and “be here now” when there are bills to pay and family to take care of and vacation to plan and career goals to meet and all of that future just waiting out there for us to catch up to it?

Especially after we’ve been living through the lens of pandemic life, curtailing and changing and limiting the plans we had. It feels like a good time to learn how to balance.

So, forget about the literal present and think about groundedness as an alternative.

Grounding yourself physically can bring a sense of calm and focus to yourself mentally. In turn, being calm and focused mentally can bring clarity to goals that are on the horizon.

Some good ways to ground yourself are the tried and true: meditation, yoga, breathwork.

All of these practices foster of a sense of connectedness to self and allow you to spend time with body, mind, and spirit. But for those of us who need a different pathway, try the concept of release and recharge. You know this one. Let go and go on. Breathe out the negativity, breathe in the positivity. Compost those scraps and fertilize your garden with the mulch.

If you are feeling disconnected, try any activity that gets the whole body moving. This can be as simple as going for a walk or dancing in the kitchen. If physical activity seems too jarring, book a massage or time in a sauna, or just a long, luxurious, uninterrupted shower or bath. Let the stress slide away.

Sometimes just being outside, noticing nature, feeling your feet on the ground and the sky above you is enough to set things “right” again. Listen to the birds, notice the curve of tree branches, feel the wind on your face, smell the earth after the rain.

If you need to release heavier things that are causing stress or anxiety, write those feelings out in a journal to just get it out. Once you have started writing it down, you can get perspective on what is behind your worries. If you have a good friend willing to lend an ear, talk it out, even if it’s just venting. You don’t have to solve anything to clear out some of those hard emotions.

Now, once some of that energy is cleared out and you are feeling more grounded, recharge yourself with gratitude for what you have right now and remembering that you are making plans for who you are today. You are not making plans for future you. Future you doesn’t exist yet. You are making plans for that person in the mirror. You are valid just the way you are. No more waiting for some ideal situation or circumstance to be in place before you move forward. It’s fine to give yourself faraway, someday goals, but you start right here.

Recharging can also look like your favorite creative activity, partaking in your most gratifying hobby, curating joy for yourself, and self-care that honors “today” you. It’s impractical to set aside all stress, but a regular commitment to letting it go, can prevent it from building up into a constant problem that throws you off your path.

And so, you start here. As you are.

It can be so very daunting to try something new, but you only have to take one step forward. Taking one step at a time allows you to remain grounded while leaving room for recharging. But, perhaps most importantly, it allows you to keep your balance. This is where you push off into tomorrow.


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That’s all for today, y’all – remember, taking time to focus on you is an act of love.

We hope you found this helpful – don’t hesitate to reply with any feedback on how we can improve future Mindful Moments! We can’t wait to hear from you.


See you next time! 


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