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9 (Nearly) Effortless Ways to Put a Smile on Her Face

There are literally millions of ways to put a smile on her face, we got you started with nine. Now, making your lady happy couldn’t be easier.

gmp bannerA lot of people think trying to make women happy is like tackling an assembly project—things need to be done in a certain order or you’re left with a lone piece that won’t fit anywhere and you have to start over.

For the most part, what makes women happy are the same things that men often appreciate as well.  Guys might bond over sports or playing darts, but the bottom line: we’re more alike than different.

Here are a few possibilities:

1. Sometimes women give until there’s nothing left. They equate care-taking with love. One idea: say “Honey, sit down and put your feet up. I’ll put things away.” (Dinner, dishes, yard projects, house, etc.)

2. If you discover your lady just wants to vent, this isn’t the best time to problem solve. That can come later. Just listening, nodding and making understanding noises like “hmmm, I hear you” gives her an opportunity to be heard.

3. After a tough day, a hug goes a long way toward helping a woman to let go of the day. It gives her a chance to turn off her mind and simply relax and breathe. Apparently, people need eight hugs a day. Most of us are running around with a huge hug deficit, so any time you can help fill that account is welcome. That said, the moment she is racing around trying to get to an appointment on time is probably not the best time to go in for that hug.

4. Most of us appreciate small gestures. Guys think they have to do something huge like a cruise for their significant other. Not the case. A note that she finds while making lunch for the kids to take to school gives her a smile.  A quick 20-second neck massage makes her physically relax and feel loved.

5. Some women take on a lot of tasks (theirs as well as others) so their list of tasks often runneth over. Asking if there’s something on her list you can take on will make her life easier. (Actually remembering to do it scores extra points.)

6. Before you launch into why today was the worst day ever, check in with her (or with anyone you’re tempted to unload upon). You might ask “Is this a good time to tell you about my day?” The answer will usually be yes, but asking makes it a choice for her. She understands there are times you need to vent too.

7. Small gestures like a wink or head nod, a private communication shared by the two of you, says you are a team like little else. It makes no difference if you are listening to someone drone on at a party, attending a school event or in line at a movie—including her makes her feel connected and special.

8. If you notice a woman is becoming frustrated and needs a hand or would benefit by coming back to something later, a nice gesture is to mention it looks difficult and ask “Is there anything I can do that would be helpful?”

9. Paying her a compliment when she looks good lets her know she still has that special spark you were attracted to in the first place. As relationships mature, as well as those in them, being reminded you hold a special place in his heart makes women feel cherished.

Letting her sit down, allowing her to vent without problem solving, giving hugs, making small gestures, taking on one of her tasks, checking in before venting, enjoying private communication, asking if she needs help and paying a genuine compliment are some keys to making your woman’s heart sing.

Of course, you could come up with your own creative ideas, too. Even better if they’re novel or unexpected.


[image: via Amarins Spandaw on flickr]

This article was originally published with the Good Men Project; republished with permission. 

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