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How to Raise Your Vibration as a Couple

To live your fullest life, you must find ways to elevate the mind and spirit. Bring your partner along for the joyride and raise your vibration together.

Our yoga classes and co-op clerks are always telling us that “everything is vibration,” but what the heck does that mean in a relationship? The idea of “raising frequencies” may seem baffling, but it’s actually quite simple. A little fun and creativity make raising your vibration easy. And it’s even better with your partner joining in on the fun!

Eat High-Vibration Foods

The idea of food having a vibration may take a moment to digest (wink, wink), but it’s true. There’s an array of vibrations available in everything from fruit to protein, and the trick to packing more vibes into every meal really just lies in the energy that went into it, and how alive it is. Raw, freshly-picked, organic foods boast the highest vibrations, while foods that are cooked or processed are lower.

Eating a high vibration diet can seem like more work than it’s worth, but if you and your partner simply make a point to eat fresh meals with light cooking, you’ll be able to feel the light and energizing qualities of high vibration foods as well as the heavier and slower vibes of lower vibrational eats. If you really want to raise the roof on vibration, you can incorporate love’s most famous advocate—the rose. This sweet flower is completely edible and, thanks to rose-infused butter, jams, and sorbets, it offers the simplest indulgences a romantic twist to the taste buds.

Get Some Good Vibes with Music

Songwriters and music producers craft up tunes using their own thoughts and feelings, and that’s precisely what makes music so great. Whatever song, whichever genre, there’s a feeling or a message behind it. Because of that, upbeat tunes may be one of the quickest ways to send vibrations soaring.

Music in 528Hz (aka the love frequency) is especially impactful, but there are really no limits. Music’s vibrational properties lie within its pitch, speed, and lyrics so, be it techno or country, every feel-good song that puts pep in your step is worthy of your living room.

Do the Exciting & Unexpected

Relationships lose their magic because things grow stagnant and “ordinary.” Don’t do things just to do them. Turn the mundane into the extraordinary! Do things that are energizing and make you feel alive.

New and exciting experiences get energy flowing and keep vibrations high. And the challenge of taking on something unfamiliar comes with a fun rush of uncertainty and an uplifting sense of accomplishment. If it feels good, that’s your body’s signal that you’ve achieved a state of high frequency. Whether it’s taking paddleboards up a local river, making a pizza from scratch, or taking up mountain climbing; you’re both growing by stepping out of your comfort zone. And through it all, you’ve got your partner to support you. Or, at the very least, you’ll have someone to laugh with when your SUP headstand turns into a face flop.

Create Meaningful Rituals

The word “ritual” may have you thinking of candles and chanting, but rituals have as much a role in everyday life as they do in church. Be it praying before bed, starting your day with a run, or having “family time” over dinner; regular practices infused with meaning is about as ritualistic as a ritual can get.

Some rituals are simple, but they’re powerful practices because rituals spotlight what’s important—thus turning the simple into the sacred. Things like bowing and lighting incense bring focus to the ritual at hand, but what matters most is the purpose of the ritual. Starting the morning with a hug (to start the day with love), sharing jokes on your lunch break (for a dose of daily medicinal laughter), putting on stand-up or dance tunes when you’re both home from work (to shake off the day’s work to focus on matters of love and home). It can be as ridiculously simple or elaborate as you desire. Just make sure you two make a point to start the day the same way you end it—with love.

Make Love More Than a Word

Love gets thrown around as some weird and ridiculous hippie concept, but that’s because many of us have yet to understand it. The vibration of love is, in fact, the most powerful state we could achieve. Getting into our love vibration makes us heart-centered in thought, word, and deed. There are many ways of doing this, but the principle that underlies them is the same—love completely and authentically.

When my husband says he loves me, I almost never say it back. I know that seems more unloving than loving, but I insist on saying it only when I feel inspired to do so—NOT because it’s expected or obligatory. When he says he loves me, that’s my moment to soak up all the beauty of the words and emotions coming from him. The same goes for my husband when I feel compelled to voice my love for him. Giving is everything when it comes to relationships, but we can only love someone as much as we allow ourselves to be loved. So aspire to love with no strings attached, and give yourself the gift of feeling just as loved in return (because you always get what you give—especially when it comes to what you “give” to yourself).

Plug Your Passions into Projects

Excitement and inspiration is vibration at its finest. There’s nothing more energizing or empowering than plugging into your passion. And it tunes you into others in ways you’d never fathom.

I’ve had a lifelong dream to help empower troubled youth, and this last year I really gave this dream some thought. My husband comes from Africa and is an out-of-this-world drummer (extraordinary, as in you don’t know if you should throw your panties at him or dance until your heart explodes). He too has a dream of helping kids, and he’d actually studied Criminal Justice in pursuit of it. As a former beaten-down teen, I knew that the greatest gift to a troubled kid was to offer them a safe and fun environment where they become empowered all on their own. And African drumming was the most uplifting thing I knew! One day it finally hit me that we could reach out to kids by using the incredible power of African drums. And, even better, we could take it to kids that needed it most—the youth of juvenile detention.

I was nervous my husband would laugh at my idea, but now he is the one doing all of the planning. Sure, it comes with potential stressors, but it combines our greatest strengths and our biggest passions. Alone, neither of us would have considered such a thing, but together, we’re an incredible force. This takes partnership to a level beyond anything I had ever considered possible.

Use joy, connection, and fun to guide you and your partner in your vibrational journey. If you’re laughing and gazing at each other, then that’s your sign that you’re going about it just right.

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