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Selecting Photos That Represent the Truest You

Let your light shine in your profile by selecting photos to represent that quintessential “you.” We’ve got six must-have options you don’t want to neglect.

The photos on a dating profile are just as telling as the profile itself. Many people won’t even read through a profile if they aren’t into the pictures, so it’s imperative that the pictures are shot well and placed in the right order. Let them be the perfect representation of who you are as a person and you’re bound to attract a perfect-for-you person.

1. Headshot

The headshot is the most important picture on your dating profile. Simple as that. 

Similar to meeting someone in real life, this is the first impression a person has to make on a potential partner. The picture needs to be clear, focused, and of high quality. While I’d never recommend presenting an inauthentic version of you to the world, it’s been proven that people are generally more attracted to someone smiling in a picture than not—so if you can add that element (and feel comfortable doing so) it will significantly increase the chances of the rest of your profile getting checked out.

Remember, this is the “lure them in” photo. So, say cheese!

2. Candid

A candid photo reveals you interact with other people who like you enough to take your photo. It also shows you in a “real” moment, instead of something set up for online dating. 

Maybe you have a favorite photo of you laughing hysterically with your best friend, or an amazing shot of you and your mom trying out your nephew’s inflatable boxing gloves. Whether it’s silly, sentimental, or just a special moment you think of fondly, select at least one candid shot to share with your potential suitors—at the very least, this photo can make a fantastic conversation starter.

3. Full Body

There are few things more disappointing than meeting someone who hardly resembles their profile pictures. I have heard countless stories of this happening from friends (and have experienced it personally a few times), so please think twice before you get creative with cropping or use a photo from years (and years) ago without context for who you are today.

It might not seem obvious, but being specific about angles as a way to hide a part of who you are is actually a form of deception and it reveals that you lack confidence and security with who you are.

The full-body picture is vital to successfully meeting someone. Be proud of who you are on the inside and out and put yourself out there—it’s the only way to ensure you’re attracting someone who appreciates you for you. 

4. Highlight a Specific Physical Feature

Highlighting a specific feature might feel counterintuitive to those of us who struggle with something uncomfortably unique about our bodies, but I learned this tip a few of years ago while listening to the founder of OK Cupid speak about online dating tips. He suggested we highlight the weird thing about our body that we don’t think necessarily fits the standard beauty mold.

Big ears? Tiny lips? Really long fingers? These are just the type of features we should actually be highlighting in at least one of our photos.

For instance, I have a witch-like nose. Now, there are plenty of people on the planet who just aren’t into witch-like noses and will surely bypass my profile—but there are others out there who might be utterly and totally into them. Those are the people I want to connect with because they’re going to see and appreciate me for me—and really, is there anything better than finding someone who thinks your weird nose is sexy?

This photo suggestion dovetails with the full body suggestion in a way. It’s all about honoring the realest (and sometimes rawest!) version of who you are to attract the right kind of people into your profile, and ultimately your life.    

5. Friends

It’s good that people know you have them, if you have them. If not, maybe go to a bar and buy a round of drinks for strangers in exchange for a fun group photo. Kidding… kind of.

When posting your friend photo, be sure your location in the photo is apparent. You don’t want to upload a photo where you’re so buried in the crowd onlookers won’t be able to pick you out. In a similar vein, you don’t want to post a photo with you and two of your best friends who happen to also have the same complexion, hair color, and eye color. The point of this photo is still to feature you—just you in your element, surrounded by people who care about you. This one’s a unique opportunity to showcase what special brand of fun you and your crew are all about.

6. Activity

Show what you’re really into here.

Do you do yoga? Climb mountains? Sit on beaches drinking daiquiris while reading Tom Robbins? Do you run? Do you skip? Do you hop? Do you like to drink pop? Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you really hate to wear pants? (Yeah, me too.)

This last photo is the exclamation point at the end of the sentence—it will provide the viewer with a deeper understanding of who you are in real life. You’re giving a visual representation of a passion and, as with the candid, it also provides the person a fantastic conversation starter

Perfecting your online dating profile pictures is a great start on the road to having the best profile you can have—which of course, will help immensely in regards to meeting just the type of person you desire.    

About the Author:

Krystal Baugher

Krystal Baugherlives in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder of Go Eat a Carrot, a website dedicated to exploring the worlds of pleasure and politics. Find her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her shenanigans.


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