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Soulmate: Read Back of Bottle for Instructions

When it comes to our soulmate, we have romantic ideals of what the experience is supposed to be like. Oh, how clever and wild the Universe can be!

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What’s with the word soulmate? And does claiming your beloved as such give you the right to torture your gift from the Universe?

It depends on baggageOr, as some people say, “the karma between y’all.”

“Baggage” has become synonymous with words such as leprosy, food poisoning, pirate teeth, and anything which can make others inhale quickly. It’s the sum of your past experiences (in the case of karma, past lives too) and is usually seen in a less than positive light—unless, as some allude to, it can include children.

I’m talking about emotional baggage.

Its actual weight cannot be measured because it’s internal; it can be shared, and vomited outward upon unsuspecting innocent bystanders, a.k.a., your soulmate.

We all carry some things forth, but when you meet a soulmate, be prepared to not hide any of it; whatever luggage you have comes flying off the rack.

One group of people is fortunate to meet a soulmate when it’s accompanied by some crazy synchronicity as they look into each other’s eyes and fall deeply, passionately in love, riding off into the sunset together, forever.

And then there’s Group Number Two.

They meet. Yes, crazy synchronicity happens. In fact, it’s almost hair-raising. You’re walkin’ three feet off the ground, not sure if you’re comin’ or goin’ and scared sh**less. The love is there. The passion. The friendship. Crazy-making is there. The amazing similarities, connection, and in some cases, a sense of psychic connection.

The problem with Group Number Two is either one or both are scared sh**less, or what I like to refer to as the existence of ridiculous complications that make one wonder why you ever had to meet. It makes you ask what kind of surgery can be performed to excise this connection.

I’ve been a card-carrying member of Group Number Two for a while now.

The thing with Group Number Two is somewhere, somehow, probably before you were ever born, you decided you wanted to really learn and grow, or die trying in this life. So, the brilliant plan was hatched to meet your soulmate in the future, when one or both of your lives includes baggage that is either insurmountable, or obstacles overcome at the pace of an emotionally handicapped snail.

This love is rare.

This connection is what stories and songs are written about—the drama, the torture, the depth of emotion is soul-touching and yet, the baggage blocks the road to bliss.

And everywhere you go, there “they” are in some form.

Thank you, Universe.

I also know it’s a psychological phenomena, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll go with the crazy-making that ensues…even my daughter text messages me a picture that looks just like her ex-boyfriend’s car, asking me, “Why does this happen? I’m going through my day and I see this. Why?!”

Here are a few examples of baggage that exists in these relationships:


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