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Soulmates & Karmic Relations: What’s the Difference?

There are, without a doubt, people who we were simply meant to meet. You can feel it with every cell of your body. But is it a soulmate? Or karmic relation?

There’s no getting around the basis for two people to undergo the strongest ties that bind. Often in a relationship of this magnitude, both parties are engaged in a dance of the highest order; it’s the push and pull to be connected in such a way that the soul is leading each step. These are the pinnacles of why we love who we do, and how our magnetism brought each other together when all else never seemed to thrive in other partnerships.


A soulmate is someone who is destined to be part of our life. The question is whether we remain with that person, or they simply drift in and out like the tides of the ocean, here to teach us, to mirror us, to learn from us, and then to let us go. These are tough charted courses to follow, as the soul has the utmost of our intended goodness. Without the care of our soul, we would be swimming—lost and never pinging another in both love and life.

Soulmates come from all walks of this earth. They are usually not what we expect at times, yet we fall into their domain and get swept up in the history of why we are in relationship with them. The eyes meet, the face gets flushed, the heart feels on fire, the knowing that we’ve met this person in another lifetime is ever present, and the soul recognizes its’ half in the other.

This is the ultimate mating of our divinity. Often it can be someone from our family, not in a romantic way, but in a teacher/student capacity. We can have many soulmates in our time on this planet, we simply have to be ready and aware and ever-so patient. This person sent to us is a heavenly gift. They know us before we have a chance to utter any words. The synchronicity is uncanny. And the comfort and security of being with them is beyond worldly.

I have had a few soulmates in my relationship years. Both of them I married, and both of them I divorced.

We each had more to learn, separate from the partnership. One was so strikingly similar to a family member from my childhood days that when I first met him (which was an interesting and serendipitous story in and of itself) I felt like I knew him all of my life. I was charmed beyond words. I fell for the whole thing, hook line and sinker.

It turns out he was a soulmate, yet not the forever kind. He was there to mirror some of my own behaviors that needed addressing, and I was there to show him a part of his childhood memories he wished to forget. It took me years to figure out, and I needed to complete the soul cycle that had me gripped for many moons after we split.

It’s never a cakewalk on the heart when a soulmate is torn apart (for numerous and obvious reasons), yet it is absolutely not a good idea to remain when the soul knows better. It would be a disgrace to our godly intuition to discount how far a soul can be stretched and how in alignment it is with our path and highest good.

A soulmate is a person who has done their work, comes into our life with an intention to resonate all who we are and all we can be, then have the free will to remain in the relationship, or carry on to the next soul and go a step further. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all; it simply has to flow and feel emotionally in line.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships, on the other side of the coin, can be tumultuous and intense, and most times a long term partnership is not the best idea.

Rather, a karmic person is brought to us by the universe to be a total student/teacher role model. Whatever we dragged into this lifetime from previous relationships is surely mimicked in the karmic partner. It can be a roller coaster of a ride. It can have vast age differences. It can bring forth the worst in us at a time when we need to be vulnerable.

This kind of relationship usually lasts the shortest amount of time, and intimacy is not advised, unless the karma has been completed and both partners are willing to be as raw and emotionally connected beyond the unfinished business. That is the premise of the karmic relationship: to finish the business of the soul. Once that happens, each partner is unbound and open to other areas of love and harmony.

I was involved in one of these also, yet I wasn’t clear on it being a karmic relationship without learning more about the term and significance. He was in my life for four years post-marriages, and we crossed boundaries into a strong bonded intimacy. That’s where the mistakes possibly lay.

We weren’t capable of recognizing the business of our soul as something more than arguing and conflict and reckless abandon of emotional swinging. We laughed so much though, it was difficult to determine what the hell was going on with us. We couldn’t seem to split apart and continue on with our separate lives without returning to the partnership to see if there was more to be done. And sure enough, there always was. 

As I understood more about the karmic partnership, there resides a thin line between the soulmate and the twin flame relationships. But our karma has to be dealt with. It is a contract like no other, with oneself and the other.

Being in a soulmate relationship is a nirvana experience. If it lasts through the ages, the heart has opened wide to continue the love revered. The karmic relationship typically has an expiration date that must be recognized by both people. When it happens and each has gone their own ways in life, the existing respect and admiration for the involvement is like nothing ever experienced. 

Any time the soul leads the human, there are bound to be epiphanies and “aha” moments, and that is the gold and the gravy.

Love big. That’s all there is.

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About the Author:

Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, creative storyteller, and wellness advocate. She enjoys sharing her experiences of life, love, and all things meaningful and healthy through words and images. She is a regular contributor to MeetMindful, Be You Media Group, Tattooed Buddha, and Rebelle Society. As a former featured columnist on elephant journal and Light Workers World, she considers her love of nature and the outdoors, heart-centered connections, friends and family, and traveling to explore and expand as the epicenter of her world. She is extremely driven with her service work through 8 Paws Wellness with her dog, Scout. Gerry Ellen has authored and published two books, Ripple Effects (March 2012) and A Big Piece of Driftwood (April 2014), which are both available on


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