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3 Ways to Strengthen a Shaky Relationship

Don’t let the lulls of your relationship define its direction; take a chance on reigniting love. Here are three ways to strengthen a shaky relationship. 

Relationships aren’t always easy; they require sacrifice, commitment, and a substantial amount of patience. But, I’m not here to waste your time and talk about the relationship basics that you’re already aware of.

Instead, I decided to write this piece in order to help some of you.

Not everyone is comfortable with couple’s counseling or talking to an outside party about their personal lives—specifically their relationship. In this technologically-accessible time, many people look for solutions online, ways through which they can overcome a rough patch, maybe, or build a stronger bond. Well, if you feel your relationship isn’t proceeding any further and you just don’t know how to make things better, take the next five minutes to sit with this post.

I’d like to offer three simple—and surprisingly effective—ways to strengthen a relationship that’s lost its luster.

Exercise Together

To many of you, this may sound ridiculous, I mean… work out together, really? But give it a shot. Surveys have shown that couples who work out together are generally happier. The reason being, working out together might evoke fast bonding, as a common interest between the two is strengthened. When both of you share similarities and interests, it can be significantly easier to get along and have something to talk about.

While you two spend time together in the gym on running a trail, this may even lead to resolving issues you might have picked up at the breakfast table but never got a chance to work through. Helping each other out at the gym may also reduce the level of frustration a couple may have bottled up inside of them. Exercise, being a great stress reliever, can lessen the tension between the couple, as well as within the individual. 


Be open and be clear about what you want in a relationship! If you want to go scuba diving over the weekend or want your partner to be a little more romantic with you, say it out loud rather than dropping hints here and there while playing mind games. Unclear messages will only pile up tensions when one of you starts assuming things, without realizing the other never really understood what you were trying to convey.

If you feel your partner isn’t spending sufficient time with you, but you want him or her to realize it themselves instead of communicating, you might as well keep waiting—relying on your partner’s perceptive powers alone is indicative of an over-active ego (you don’t think you should have to explain yourself). 

In reality, some people don’t understand or realize things are going wrong; sometimes we don’t realize we’re making a partner angry. Save yourself frustration and communicate your concerns to your partner—how you feel, what you’d like, what you need. Overcome the fear that they’ll think of you as clingy or needy; you may be surprised at how much easier you’re making things when you have the courage to communicate your desires and expectations, especially if your relationship’s in its initial stages. Set boundaries from earlier on regarding what’s okay and what you’re not okay with; this helps eliminate any mixed emotions later on. 

Have Sex (Often)

Lot’s of us love sex, but what you may not know is that it plays a crucial psychological role in bringing you and your spouse closer.

Did you know: when you find yourselves in heated arguments and things aren’t going smooth, it may lead to one of the partners not being able to perform properly, in bed? And, that’s where it all starts, people think that once their partner goes bad in bed the relationship has run its course and it’s better to end things off. However, studies have shown that couples who have sex on a weekly basis tend to report higher overall happiness in their relationships.

The logic behind this is simple; sex is all about trust, bonding, and intimacy. It’s the final step and it’s truly where two people connect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Sometimes, looking into a partner’s eyes and finding that spark is all the motivation you need to overcome the trivial barriers. Sex can serve as a safe space—a place where a person truly opens up, where two people are naïve and vulnerable. For couples who are experiencing rockier times, this may even reignite the affections and care in your everyday life as well.

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