I’m not sure they’re The One. Am I wasting their time?

When you take inventory of the relationship you’re in, is there a low-level hum of uncertainty? If you fear you’re wasting their time, this one’s for you.

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Don’t Scare Away Mr. or Ms. Right

When Mr. or Ms. Right comes along there’s only one thing that can mess things up. Katie & Gay Hendricks step in to help before you scare away love.

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5 Signs She Isn’t the One

Head over heels in love and convinced you’ve found your soulmate … the one, even? You couldn’t be more wrong.

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How to Dress for Soulmate Success

Soulmate success might happen at any moment. The universe is unpredictable, so always be prepared to meet that special someone. Look and feel your best.

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How the Right Relationship Can Set Us Free

Freedom means many things for many people, but there’s a special kind of liberation that can be found in loving someone completely.

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Unsure if You’re Ready for Love? There’s a Quiz for that.

Are you ready for love? This straightforward question can trip up the best of us. Arielle Ford has a quiz for that.

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Manifesting Your Soulmate: The Love Altar

Arielle Ford teaches many techniques for manifesting your soulmate, including prayer and visualization, but one of the most ritualistic practices is the construction of a “love altar.”

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