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Tips for Staying Healthy & Fit with Your Partner

Maintaining health can be a joy—especially if your partner is by your side. Bring these tips for staying healthy into your relationship and thrive together.

Keeping healthy and fit with all the happenings and commitments in today’s fast paced life can be taxing and sometimes mind-numbing. However, you and your better half can spice up your romance while working out together. Also, there may be some not-so-healthy habits you may have developed overtime, but you can always overcome them with each other’s attention and support.

Initiate Outdoor Dates

Remember the times when you used to go for long walks on the beach or the countryside together, long rides on the bike, a swim together, or the time you competed in a Tennis or Squash match? Such dates will not only bring you closer, create intimacy, and lessen the communication gap, but will also burn calories—so it’s an all-win choice for you.

Exercising is quite time consuming and (sometimes) tedious and boring, but when you’re gyming together (get a joint membership to a gym-that will save you precious money), you know that you will be accountable for each other. Cancelling out a session will mean your partner misses out too, so you will put that extra effort as he/she is counting on you. There may be times it puts pressure on you, but at the end of the day, you’ll be glad as you’ll be more in sync with your partner. You both will tend to eat and rest at the same time, too, so you can spend more quality time with each other.

Help Each Other Kick Bad Habits

Unhealthy habits like smoking, drug abuse, unsafe sex, and other addictions need to be abolished; don’t just make suggestions, try to analyze what you can do to help your partner. Make her/him appreciate the fact that you want to grow old together and would love to see them play with their grandkids. It is a powerful message. Do not nag or criticize, your positivity can (and will) work miracles.

Eat Healthy Meals Together

If you are struggling with weight issues, eat sensibly. You should both agree that to attain fitness goals, healthy eating is crucial; if one of you has any unhealthy eating predisposition, make a conscious effort to overcome it.

Shopping for healthy foodstuff by carefully studying the labels for the calorie count in packaged foods, and buying fresh, whole foods whenever possible. This way, your cupboards and fridges will be stocked with nutritious food, making your progress so much easier since you are aiming for the same goal together.

Avoid junk food and snack on fresh fruits like apples, avocados, grapes and vegetables like cucumbers, carrots etc. and of course nuts. Being high in fiber and water content, they will keep you full longer. Processed foods contain too much sugar, salt, fat (or all of these), so they’re a big no-no when eating healthy.

You can plan to cook a nutritious meal together, too; make an exotic salad that will truly satiate your taste buds and lift your moods.

Express Yourself

Keeping your emotions bottled up can lead to mental and emotional stress that can lead to depression, eating disorders, and sleep problems. Maintain a diary to jot down your worries and feelings and whenever possible, have a heart to heart talk with your soulmate. Meditate together, join a yoga class—these will help you rejuvenate from within.

A healthy, fit mind and body not only makes you look and feel better, but also increases your self-esteem, energy levels, as well as an increased libido—this combination may prove exceptional with all the quality time that you’ll be spending with each other. What better way to reduce stress and increase intimacy!

Set Rewards & Plan Energetic Holiday Trips

To keep each other motivated, set rewards with your partner. If you intended on losing a few pounds, celebrate by going away on the weekend, or a fancy night out when you achieve your goal.

Another effective option would be to plan a hiking, mountain climbing, or surfing trip—anything you enjoy doing together that burns calories.

Use Consistency & Moderation 

Making drastic changes abruptly can be difficult to manage, so take one step at a time. If you try to implement everything at once, you’ll only end up falling back into your old habits. Working toward your goals consistently will help you achieve desired results; slow and steady wins the race.

Also exercise, diet, and indulge (once in a while) in moderation, so you can continue working toward your target effortlessly. This ensures it doesn’t become a burden for you and your partner.

Schedule Regular Check-ups

Finally, do regular breast or testicular self-examination. Get any suspicious moles tested, and keep a check on your blood pressure and glucose levels. Nowadays, kits are available that make it easy to monitor these parameters at home. Also, don’t neglect your annual physical checkupeven if you are healthy—just to make sure everything is as it seems to be.

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