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Unclog Your Love Life with This Feng Shui Principle

Ever feel claustrophobic in your home? Face it, if you feel stuck in your own house, you can’t expect to unclog your love life. Feng shui to the rescue.

While I was searching and yearning for love, a friend gave me a copy of the book Feng Shui: How to Look Before You Love by Nancilee Wydra. At first I was offended and thought my friend wanted to “fix” me because I had made so many mistakes in my dating career. However, after a few weeks of staring at the book on my night stand and feeling embarrassed that yet another relationship slipped through my fingers, I decided to put my ego and pride aside.

I picked up the darn book and took it seriously.

What I found most useful in the book was the concept of cleaning out and organizing my life to make more space for a romantic partner to show up. I understood the concept, but I wasn’t a believer yet. In fact, I was quite skeptical.

However, I was curious to see what could happen, so I started throwing things out left and right. I would ask myself, “Do I love this item?” If the answer was anything other than “yes” I gave it to a friend, a local thrift store or tossed it in the garbage. All remnants from ex-boyfriends—gone! I was amazed at how much unnecessary stuff I had collected over the years. Crazy.

Was this stuff clogging up my love life? Perhaps.

As I started clearing out, throwing out, organizing and de-cluttering, I was shocked at the benefits I received. My mind became clearer, my heart opened wider and life seemed simpler, lighter and easier. I even felt more productive and efficient in my life.

You may think cleaning out and reorganizing is a big job, and it may be; but I promise the benefits and rewards are worth it.

Let me see if I can help break down the process into smaller chunks. Consider this process like opening the door to your heart and having someone walk into your life that’s healthy for you. If you looked at it that way, would it be worthwhile and time well spent?

Let’s begin.

#1) First, which room in your house or apartment is most cluttered? Or, which closet or cupboard is the biggest mess? Start there.

#2) Schedule time in your calendar to clean it, even if it’s just for 10 minutes or half an hour.

#3) After you’ve cleaned out a drawer, a closet, or a room, be sure to celebrate your accomplishment.

#4) Notice how the energy in the room feels now. How do you feel? Can you sense the change?

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first to give something away that you’ve had for a long time, but consider that this act is advancing your love life (and not only that). Once you get started, it may be hard to stop, and that is great. It should feel really good as you make progress. You can do it!

Little did I know, two years after clearing my clutter I’d be moving to Switzerland to live with my now husband. My early house cleaning paid off in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Packing to move overseas was easier too! You never know what may happen when you create space in your heart and home. You might not move to Switzerland, but can you be open to other amazing miracles from your efforts?

[image: via pixabay]

About the Author:

Suzanne Muller-Heinz

Suzanne Muller-Heinz is a global Dating & Love Life Coach with a special talent for helping smart singles figure out the formula to having a tender, thoughtful and healthy relationship. She is the author of Loveable: 21 Practices For Being In A Loving & Fulfilling Relationship and one of the co-authors of the international bestselling book, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. If you are a successful professional in every area of life except dating and love, and you hunger for a healthy love life, connect with her at Happy Living Forever.


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