Do You Have an Inner Mean Girl?

We all have it, don’t we? Hidden in our innermost parts, a secret bullying Mean Girl, showing up in all shapes & sizes—here are a few you might recognize.

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Middle-Aged (& Happy With it)

Middle aged is not synonymous with sad and dull. There’s no age limit on loving yourself and feeling fabulous.

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Flying Solo: 4 Easy Ways to Enjoy Alone Time

Why are we so uncomfortable being by ourselves? Our friends are Care2 show us how to fully embrace (and appreciate) alone time.

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The Nasty Little Thing That’s Impacting Your Sex Life

A sex life is a delicate thing. It needs care and nurturing, some exploration and a healthy dose of humor. Don’t let environmental factors ruin your mojo.

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Get a Healthy Home Flow with 4 Feng Shui Fixes

We could all afford to be more in tune with our living spaces, especially with the changing season. Check out these feng shui fixes for a healthy home flow.

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The Complete Guide to Vegan Sex

From sex toys to condoms, lubricants to even partners… this is the one-stop shop for your next vegan sex sesh.

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What Your Texting Habits Reveal About Your Sex Life

Hold off on that monkey face, Singles. You might be surprised to learn what your favored emojis and texting habits reveal about your sex life.

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3 Key Differences Between Being Assertive & Being Aggressive

The differences between being assertive & being aggressive can be subtle. Our friends at Care2 help illuminate the nuances of being direct.

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