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The Complete Guide to Vegan Sex

From sex toys to condoms, lubricants to even partners… this is the one-stop shop for your next vegan sex sesh.

As any dedicated vegan knows, sex can present a variety of unexpected issues. While food products are clearly marked these days, the same cannot be said for sex products. Sex product packaging standards often don’t contain ingredient lists or testing policy. Contacting customer service in pharmacies and groceries stores to help sort through the confusion often results in blank stares from workers who are just as unsure about the poorly labelled products as consumers.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to do the research to help get you on the path to fulfilling ethical sex!


Many people don’t realize that the average latex condom is treated with casein, a milk protein.

If you need immediate access to vegan condoms, they can be found with a little sorting at your local pharmacy. Non-latex condoms made from polyisoprene are available from SKYN and Avanti.

Beware of buying non-latex condoms from Durex or Trojan, as both companies currently test on animals. If you feel inspired, perhaps contact their customer service to politely ask that they reconsider their animal testing policy.

Vegan latex condoms do exist, but locating them takes a bit more digging. GLYDE is the most popular brand of all vegan latex condoms. They’re sold in many sex stores and online.

We also have a full article on vegan condoms right here. Condoms should always be used for penetrative sex, so be sure to keep some on-hand whenever there’s any chance things may heat up!


While lubricants are generally free of animal products, the issue of animal testing still exists. I contacted one of the popular brands available in the U.S. and was informed by their staff that all such products require animal testing under U.S. law. This statement was later contradicted by another competing company.

In fact, Sliquid explicitly told me that they absolutely never test on animals. The brand’s high-quality silicone lubricant is widely available. I recommend silicone-based over water-based lubricants in most settings, as it provides the longest-lasting lubrication. (Note: Silicone lubricants cannot be used with silicone sex toys.)

For water play, Shower Jerk makes a water-activated lubricant. Shower Jerk’s founder confirmed to me that the product is vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

There are a number of other vegan lubricant brands available from sex stores and vegan distributors, including PLEASE, Good Clean Love and Blossom Organics.

Sex Toys

Sex toys and clothing can seem like a landmine. Leather and silk. Glycerin and rubber with animal-derived ingredients. You may have thought toys and wear were out of the cards for you. But we’re here to help!

Stimulators and dildos made from glass (when dye-free) present no issue. For the others, there are a number of options. Head over to The Vegan Sex Shop online for a huge assortment of products. From dildos and plugs to silicone bondage rope and edible hemp massage oil, they’ve got you covered.

Also, Good Vibrations’ online store labels all the vegan products. Simply enter “vegan” in the search bar for a full list of verified vegan offerings. If you live near one of Good Vibrations’ physical locations, their well-informed employees will go above and beyond to accommodate vegans who have questions while shopping.


Many vegans wonder if having sex with non-vegans is acceptable due to the exchanges of bodily fluids containing nutrients originally derived from non-vegan sources. The answer: unless it makes you personally uncomfortable, absolutely!

Healthy vegans make the best lovers, and we should show it off. Lower cholesterol prevents erectile dysfunction. Nutrient-rich foods result in higher energy and stamina. Many folks claim vegans even taste better.

So enjoy your healthy, guilt-free sex life. It may even give you new opportunities to tell others about why supporting animal rights is important to you!


Written by Chris Sosa

This article was originally published with Care2; republished with permission. 

[image: via Gabriel S. Delgado C. on flickr]

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