5 Signs They’re Worth Your Time

If you’re feeling confused about the status of a maybe-relationship, take time to run through this list. You deserve to know if they’re worth your time.

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How Can I Overcome Trust Issues?

We invent many ways to protect ourselves from pain. Unfortunately, this can block us from the good stuff, too… unless we learn to overcome trust issues.

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5 Must Have Traits to Look for in Your Partner

We like to celebrate what’s unique in a partner and to honor what’s classic. Take these five traits, for example—we think every partner should have them.

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How do I redeem myself from a horrible first date?

So the first date was… uhhh… kind of terrible. Now you’re wondering “How do I redeem myself?” Have some self-compassion, take a breath, and read on.

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My Ex Dumped Me. Now They Want Me Back.

The sting of the breakup is just subsiding and your ex calls you out of the blue. Here are six crucial considerations when you realize “they want me back.”

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Am I Dating the Wrong Person?

The sparkle of new love can leave us blinded to what is, but it doesn’t have to. Hone our intuition and see if you are, perhaps, dating the wrong person.

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Why Did They Stop Calling?

Ahhhhh, the ghosters… They bail when you least expect, leaving you puzzled and wondering: Why did they stop calling? Here are three possibilities.

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Help! I’m Turned off by Superficial Traits

Does a beard make you positively cringe? Does height eliminate someone as a potential date? Time to investigate why-oh-why you’re turned off, Darling.

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Overcoming Insecurities to Boost Your Chance at Love

It’s time to own your insecurities once and for all. But how? Calm those fears, bolster that confidence, and take charge of your love life today. Start here.

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