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Mindful Moment #57 – Whole Body Yes

Take a deep breath
The Sacred Self
Maybe we don’t think of ourselves as sacred, but I think if we did, it could change the world. I mean, sure, there is that whole “my body is a temple” adage people used to say a lot. With all the foibles of our lives among the masses and our quirky beliefs about how to be humans on this planet, it might be hard for the average person to embrace the sheer beauty of our individuality on a soul level, but I think we should try.
If you’ve never known the “yesness” of fully embodying yourself with all of your inner beauty and outer magnificence, it might be difficult to know where to begin. You may have even tried before but felt like a fraud or like you were just pretending. It might not be something you can fully embrace overnight, but if you never begin, you’ll never know how transformational, empowering, and peaceful it can be to understand that you are divine. And for anyone who can’t identify with “beauty,” don’t reject the concept yet. You’re beautiful in your own way, whatever way that is.
To acknowledge the sacred self, you need to embrace the idea of being a divine, intentionally created being. Not holy, not “god’s gift” to whomever, but intrinsically valuable on a spiritual level. You are a magical concoction of hopes, dreams, knowledge, ability, and passion. What makes you valuable is that mysterious combination of unique energy that carries your spark of life, your life’s purpose, your soul’s mission, and whatever deep inspiration pulls your attention and creates attraction in other souls.
If you can install this acceptance of your spirit as sacred into your psyche, and really start to believe it, who you are and how you feel about yourself and your value begins to align with that reality. You’ll begin to realize that we each get to define ourselves and cultivate our identities in a way that makes us feel authentically ourselves. Understanding why we are all here together right now in this timeline helps us elevate all of our souls. When we begin graduating from old mindsets and understanding how each person—yourself included—gets to define who they are, you will let your inner self bloom in radiant and brilliant ways.
Of course, this doesn’t excuse you from doing inner work to continue to grow beyond the old thinking that kept you from accepting the concept of inner sacredness in the first place. You are still accountable for being a decent human and deconstructing any problematic behavior or beliefs that do not align with existing as an enlightened soul.
Once you can see yourself and your fellow humans as sacred, you can set aside some of the worry that comes with existence. You can reconsider life paths. You can choose a new direction. You can be happy where you are and deepen your appreciation for the people in your life. You can share your gratitude openly. You can extend grace more readily. You can reinvent yourself. Or you can just be content with the here and now. You can follow your curiosity. You can be gentle where you used to be harsh. You can be steadfast where you used to be weak. You can see clearly and honor the soul’s journey—for yourself and others. You can really love someone. You can find a friend in nearly everyone. You can be a light.
For today’s meditation, let’s try embracing that sacred self, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
Find a comfortable place to sit. Breathe deeply, expanding your chest, holding the breath for a count of three, and releasing. Repeat at least five times. Continue to breathe deeply, and close your eyes.
In your mind’s eye, imagine a ball of white light floating around you like a bubble. Reach out for the light and hold it in your hands. You might be surprised to feel the light warming your fingers and palms. Then you feel the warmth traveling up your arms to your shoulders. The warmth radiates to your chest, making your heart feel happy. From there, you can feel the warmth following your bloodstream, and moving throughout your whole body.
As the warmth moves upward through your throat chakra and third eye chakra, the warmth reaches your crown chakra. Place the ball of light on top of your head (like a crown). Breathe and focus on your crown chakra and consider the following concepts:
I am an expression of divine creation.
I embrace myself as a sacred being.
My purpose is aligned with my sacred calling.
I am seeking my true self and inner knowledge.
I release old mindsets that do not serve my soul.
I recognize the intrinsic spiritual value in my fellow humans.
My love is an expression of the divine.
I accept my beauty and brilliance as a gift.
Allow your mind to follow any aspect of affirmation you may need to focus on. Allow yourself to release any fears or things beyond your control. Before you officially end this meditation, release the light from your crown, and stretch your body. Consider writing down any important ideas you’d like to remember.
I hope you are able to embrace the “yesness” of your truest self. As always, friends, the divine in me recognizes the divine in you.
Amy Barth-Morales


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