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Mindful Moment #41 – Summon Your Sacred Strength

Take a deep breath
Sacred Strength
In my mind, I’m sorry for being a little too much. Too much like my dad. Too much like my grandmother. And too much of my own slightly off-kilter brand of kooky. I’m sorry because I want to be slower to anger. I want to be a little less concerned with saving reusable things and reusing them for the rest of my life. I want to shed some of my regretfulness, fearfulness, and that annoying inability to follow through on ideas and craft projects. 
In reality, I know I am not too much—we all have our own peculiar idiosyncrasies and echoes from childhood issues—it’s part of being human. Certain people might complain about my excesses, but I have decided to ignore those people for the time being. I know where my faults are, but I also know where my strengths are. I’m in a “let’s focus on the strengths” phase right now. I know I will have to face the music about the un-fun parts of myself again in the near future, but not today. Today, I am plowing ahead.
If you haven’t taken time to consider your strengths lately, I encourage you to ponder on it with fresh eyes and a new attitude toward yourself. If we’re aiming for mindfulness about who we are, and we’re all trying to make it to true self-acceptance, first we must find our focal points, and work our way out from there. 
Your strengths might be mundane. For instance, I am really good at organizing small spaces, collecting small things, and seeing the potential for beauty in discards and leftovers. My bookshelves are categorized by genre and alphabetized. My pantry has sections for all the various types of foods we normally have, primarily based upon frequency of use and container type. My clothes closet might not make sense to someone else, but I know exactly were everything is in there. When it comes to collecting small things and beautifying trash, I literally spend hours at the beach picking up pieces of “beach plastic” and then sorting them by color and size into display jars. It’s a weird hobby, I know, but it so gratifying! It scratches an itch in my brain that urges me to make order out of chaos. 
Your strengths might be more impressive or hard earned. This one can be harder for some of us to identify for ourselves, but after thinking about it with an intentional perspective, you will begin to figure them out. If you have a career that is your passion and you excel at it, you are living the dream, friend. If your strength is problem solving, you are definitely somebody’s hero by arriving just in time to save the day. If you are committed to showing your family unconditional love, your heroism is on a soul level. If you have a physical skill that lets you accomplish notable tasks, kudos to your kinetic power. Whatever it may be, it is a gift we carry with us throughout life. I have a hard time embracing my “true” strengths, so I am going to work on it with this meditation. Join me!
Find a comfortable location to sit while you meditate. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, expanding your chest and your belly. Then exhale, releasing the stomach first, and then the chest. Continue three more deep, cleansing breaths.
Place your hands low on your abdomen and imagine yourself surrounded by an orange light. We’re going to focus on the sacral chakra as it is the ruler of self-worth, personal identity, creativity, joy, and intimacy. It is actually below the navel and near your spine above the root chakra. If possible, consider listening to tones at 417hz.  
Remember a time when you felt whole and secure. Embrace the sensations and vibrations from a sense of peace associated with that security. Give yourself permission to embody that security. As you receive this new, yet familiar peace, release any pain or negative emotions that arise. Allow yourself to hold the security as a shield against any negative energy that may want to hold you back or focus on your faults. 
Focus on your strengths. What makes you good at what you do? What gives you a sense of fulfillment? 
Repeat any of the following affirmations that resonate with you:
I feel love.
I feel strong.
I feel a need to grow into who I am meant to be.
Who I am is precious and lovable.
I am a capable, intelligent soul with a purpose to fulfill. 
The universe has gifted me with strength.
I feel gratitude for my unique gifts.
Continue to breathe beyond your affirmations until you are ready to end your session. Try writing down any feelings or insights you want to remember. If you are so inclined to further activate the sacral chakra, consider dancing with your hips, wearing orange, and being honest with yourself. Be sure to thank the universe for your strengths.
I hope you are able to move forward with a renewed sense of self and strength. May these insights stay with you as move forward. You are not too much. You are enough.
As always, friends,


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That’s all for today, y’all – remember, taking time to focus on you is an act of love.

We hope you found this helpful – don’t hesitate to reply with any feedback on how we can improve future Mindful Moments! We can’t wait to hear from you.


See you next time! 


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