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Reignite Your Relationship with Foolish Love

While deep conversation is one way to reignite your relationship, it isn’t the only way. Check out Uri Milman’s fun suggestions for amazing (foolish) love.

One of the best ways I know to reignite my relationship with my partner is to be foolish. When I’m too serious with work, with plans for the future, with all the “grownup” stuff that can consume our time, I become too far removed from my inner child—not allowing myself to live in the moment. I’ve noticed that many times it also diminishes the fire and passion of my relationship.

Sometimes the “doing” part feels like an addictive drug. All I want to do is continue to do things, learn more, create, invent, imagine… all those things my mind can do, and can do well. It feels like I’m feeding my mind and my mind is taking over—at the expense of my inner soul. The thing is, I enjoy mind work a lot. I enjoy doing all of the aforementioned things, but as I said before, it has its price. And in my case, I can see how being overly consumed with too many ‘serious’ things affects my relationship.

Luckily, my beloved one doesn’t let me be too serious for too long and encourages me to be foolish every now and again. Many times I resist at first, usually not for long, and then I play along, letting my guard down. Sometimes I even initiate the foolishness; luckily, most of the time my beloved one joins me without putting up much of a fight.

I prepared a list of activities I like to use to help break the seriousness of the daily grind. These suggestions bring us back to our inner child, and almost always reignite the flame of relationships.

I must warn you, many times, to be foolish is to get messy and dirty, so be prepared. Without further ado, here is my list of foolish activities to awaken your inner child and reignite your relationship:

At Home

  • Dress up in funny clothes and become a character—even with a single prop like a funny hat. Surprise your partner, and take it all the way, exaggerate everything. Then invite him/her to join you, dress them up, and be foolish together.
  • Stick your face to your partner’s and open your eyes nice and wide.
  • Approach your partner like you’re going in for a kiss, and surprise them last minute with a lick, like a puppy.
  • Put music on and dance around like kids. Let yourself go wild and dance in a stupid way like no one else is watching. Try to swing yourself in place as many times as you can (that’s the way I used to dance as a kid. Really). Of course, for added comedy, you can combine this activity with the aforementioned funny costume.
  • Pillow Fight! This can be a great way to let aggression out, and can also be great foreplay!


  • Hold each other’s hands in a cross (right hand to right hand, left hand to left hand) and spin around together as fast as you can.
  • Focus on these keywords: get wet. Go out when it’s rainy, with no umbrella. Jump into puddles and splash away! If it’s the summer time, try running through sprinklers. Why not make a water fight out of it? Stock up on water-guns and water balloons, get outside and get wet! If you want to take it to the next level: prepare “flour bombs” and add these to your water fight. *If you have a private outdoor area we suggest a naked water fight.
  • Prepare a container with bubble mix, make different size wands, and go out to a public place to blow bubbles. You won’t believe how great it makes you feel!
  • Find a tree and climb it as high as you can. Please be careful. We want this to be an enjoyable activity, not painful.
  • Take body colors to the beach and paint each other’s bodies. When the paint dries and you are ready for another go, enter the water to wash it off and start all over again.
  • While at the beach, build a sand castle. Once it is built (and most importantly) destroy it together. There is something strangely therapeutic about mutually destroying something that you worked hard to build.
  • Find a playground next to your home and go play! (Note: try doing this when there are not many kids around, as this could come off as unusual)
    If you have a neighbor with a trampoline, summon your courage and ask to jump on it. Regular exercise on a trampoline is not only great for your body, but will also get your juices flowing for later in the bedroom.
  • Play hopscotch. Why not? It was great when you were 10. Who says you can’t enjoy it now?
  • Soar high on the swing set…. just make sure that they are strong enough to support your weight.

Go To

  • An Amusement Park: if you haven’t been to one as an adult, it may very well change your childhood conception of how it was; but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.
  • Go-Karts: do all the things that you cannot do with a regular car that you’ve been dying to try.
  • A Water Park: go and slide! This can be one of the best activities to let loose in the summer time.

What are you waiting for? Let your guard down, forget about your “grownup” stuff for a while, awaken your inner child and reignite your relationship with some foolish fun!

[image: Ryan McGuire]

uri and lali bioUri Milman: Uri and his partner Lali, wrote TwoHaveFun: Great Activities for Awesome Couples, a colorful, challenging, and most importantly, fun ebook designed for couples. They believe fun and playfulness are necessary tools to make any relationship stronger—whether it be a hot new fling or a long-term love. Pop by the site to check out the discounted promotion (through the end of February) and start adding some playfulness to your dating life today!

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