First Date Tips for the Introvert

First date tips are all well and good, but they often apply to the extroverted souls of the world. Don’t fret, introverts can have amazing dates too.

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Well-Meaning, Modern Day No-Nos for Conscious Daters

As a kind person, dating should be a natural extension of your most authentic self. That said, even the conscious dater can fall into some unusual traps.

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Why Quiet People Should Interrupt More (Really!)

Have you heard of the “Conversation Gap”? It turns out, quiet people should interrupt more. Don’t believe us? Learn the nuances of butting in, mindfully.

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Are You Spending Too Much Time Together?

When you’re new to a relationship it’s easy to want to maximize every second with that special someone. But how much is too much time together?

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The Perfect Gift for a First Date

Picking up a gift for a first date might seem like overkill, but bear with us. This new trend of sweet-little-somethings might actually have our vote.

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5 Signs Your Date is Into You

Things are going well (you think). Your date is into you (you think). Take the guesswork out of romance, Darling. Check out these clear signs, instead.

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9 Ways You’re Ruining Your Blind Date

Do you have a streak of first-dates-gone-wrong? There are some clear cut ways you might being ruining your blind date. Let’s ditch these mistakes, shall we?

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How to Master the Art of Conversation

Want to dig deeper to connect? Ben’s back and with him he brings tips on how to master the art of conversation.

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