The Soulmate Wish List: Write Your Way into Love

To manifest our deepest desires we must first be clear on what it is we want. Arielle Ford illuminates the power (and magic) of a Soulmate Wish List.

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Why Kissing is So Important

Sure, it’s fun. And yes, it feels amazing, but really… did you ever wonder why kissing is so important?

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Why We Date the Wrong People

Everyone will tell you that relationships take work, but how much work is too much? Let’s take a look at why we date the wrong people and when enough should really be enough.

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The Elusive Mindful Mate (or Searching for Unicorns)

Meeting a person who understands you and aligns with you philosophically is no easy task, not for anyone. We looked into what it takes to find your mindful mate.

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How to Accomplish Your Relationship Goals

Being goal-oriented is an important aspect of getting where you want in life; being goal-oriented can help us in love, too. The Angry Therapist tells us a little something about reaching our relationship goals.

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Unsure if You’re Ready for Love? There’s a Quiz for that.

Are you ready for love? This straightforward question can trip up the best of us. Arielle Ford has a quiz for that.

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Manifesting Your Soulmate: The Love Altar

Arielle Ford teaches many techniques for manifesting your soulmate, including prayer and visualization, but one of the most ritualistic practices is the construction of a “love altar.”

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