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Using Crystals to Attract Love

When looking for ways to invite love, one answer is in the earth herself. Check out this great beginners guide to using crystals to open ourselves to love.

Crystals or gemstones have been used in a variety of ways since the dawn of time. This ancient medicine has amazing relevance for modern living. In fact, crystals hold great promise when used to attract love into our lives and are one of my clients’ favorite methods for opening themselves to and moving beyond obstacles in love.

I am going to get you started with using crystals to attract love by listing my top love stones and provide you with a few different ways to begin working with them! For the purpose of attracting love into our lives here are my top FOUR stones. This list is by NO means a comprehensive list and I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about stone medicine to do their research.

  1. Rose Quartz

This is one of the most famous stones associated with love and a list on stones associated with the heart would not be complete without mentioning this stone. This is the stone of universal unconditional love for the self and others. I love working with this stone when I am looking to increase the love quotient in my life. Since all healthy love first begins with healthy self love, I use this stone to remind us that the search for romance is first an inside job.

  1. Kunzite

This stone is a powerful heart chakra stone that attracts love to our entire life while also helping us to heal from emotional wounds. Since we all have a past when it comes to love (even if it’s the wound created from feeling that it’s never going to happen for us) this stone is a powerful alley in the quest for love.

  1. Rhodochrosite

This is a powerhouse stone associated with the heart chakra and helps us to tap into our inner child. Love should be fun and for many it’s not. This is a wonderful stone for vibrating and radiating love but also for helping us to remember the fun of love.

  1. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is one of my favorite stones for calming the body, mind, and spirit as it contains naturally-forming lithium. This is especially helpful when looking for love to calm our nerves and help mitigate anxiety which can cause us to feel uncomfortable. The more relaxed and centered we are, the freer we are to be our brightest self which is the BEST way of bringing forth love into our lives.

How can you put these stones to work in your life?

There are a variety of ways! I believe in intuitively working with natural medicines such as gemstones, so I am a firm believer that there is no wrong way to work with these stones. Here are three ways I think help us form a proper relationship with the stones, but I encourage you to intuit what feels best for you.

First, before you delve into the following methods, please properly cleanse your stones. I encourage smudging them with white sage. This cleanses any energies picked up along the journey to find you.


This is my favorite way to work with the stones and can have a very powerful effect on both what I attract to me and the depth of meditation achieved.

You can gather your stone(s) and hold them in your left hand with your right hand over them and set your intention. What do you hope to achieve while working with these stones? This is where research into the metaphysical properties of the stones you hold is important. Open yourself to simply asking these stones to share their energies with you and your intention statement. Say it aloud or quietly to yourself and visualize a charging of the stones taking place with your intention statement. You can sit like this for as long as you wish before putting your stones in a proper place. I suggest keeping them on your sacred altar or some place where you spend a great deal of time.


Crystal grids employ a form of sacred geometry that bring together various stones for the purpose of manifesting a particular goal. Often times there will be a focal stone in the middle (such as a Rose Quartz) and it will be surrounded by other stones (such as those mentioned earlier in this article). Interspersed throughout this grid you will include clear quartz crystals to amplify the energies of the surrounding stones. A bit of research into placement as well as activating the grid is advisable so you feel confident in your process.

A nice alternative to gridding, which can be a bit intimidating (though it is really simple in truth) to those just starting out with stone medicine, is to do stone groupings. This is how I most often work with stones as I have small children and two dogs making setting up an elaborate grid a difficult task. The concept is the same—you gather stones which are in line with your specific purpose, perhaps hold them and charge them with your intention as you would in meditation, then group them together in a special dish or plate you keep in a safe space.

Each are highly effective in manifesting and I urge you two try both to see which you prefer.

Medicine/Mojo Bags

This is a fun way of getting in touch with your Earth roots and practice a very ancient form of ritual that you do once and take with you daily. Just as you would with the grouping method of gridding mentioned above, for a mojo bag you gather stones together that are in alignment with your intention. I suggest charging them with your purpose as you would in meditation, then carefully placing each in a cotton, linen, or satin bag. This bag will stay on your person (pocket, around your neck as a necklace, or in your bag/purse) as you go about your day infusing each step with the vibration of love.

This method also allows for you to get creative with your magic. You can pick a color bag that is in line with your purpose. Red for passion, pink for sweet love, or even yellow for a love rooted strongly in friendship. You can also add herbs or flowers which are associated with love. There is no limit to the magic you can add—and the wonderful thing is the more you make it yours, the more power it has!

Each of these three methods are tried and true and ones I not only use personally, but support my clients putting to work in their lives as well. I encourage you to draw upon the ancient wisdom and power of stone medicine as you seek to attract and open yourself to healthy, lasting love!


About the Author:

Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a Colorado based Intuitive Alchemist, healer and Magic Maker. She runs Intuitive Alchemy, a sanctuary for intuitive readings and coaching. Stay up to date through her Facebook page and receive free daily intuitive tarot readings by following her on Instagram. Interested in Laura's services or products? Visit her site for more information: Intuitive Alchemy


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