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5 Ways Yoga Can Helps Us Feel Connected to Life

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Yoga is a holistic tool that allows us to feel connected to the physical and spiritual aspects of the being. Here are five ways that connection manifests.

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued – when they can give and receive without judgment.” — Brene Brown

Connection! A most valued word for human beings, no doubt. However, the significance of the word and its meaning are slowly losing traction in today’s world of modernization and digitalization. We are losing our connection to people, society, relations, and even with ourselves. In the context of yoga, connection plays an important role because yoga means unity—it gives life and meaning to it, brings awareness, enhances practice, and make us more able.

To a yogi, the word connection holds a lot of importance. It provides a technique to unite the body, mind, and soul, the mind and breath, the inner core to being, and then to the spiritual aspect of the being. This unification leads to greater connection off the mat with loved ones, friends, family, our work, environment, etc. which make us more compassionate and brings balance to life.

Here are five ways yoga helps us feel and become more connected to every aspect of life, especially with the self.

Body & Mind Synchronization

The first thing yoga intends to do is to unite the body, mind, and soul. There are people who are active physically, but their mind is absent—and this disconnection affects a person.

With daily yoga practice, the mind and body become more synchronized, diminishing the feeling of being exhausted, disconnected, and fragmented. Consciously uniting the mind and body through breath and posture, yoga induces a positive feeling and makes a person more present-minded, focused, and energized.

Deep Connection to Self

One of the most crucial connections that yoga tries to build is with the Self.

Yoga unities the body, mind, and the soul and paves the way for a strong unification. To achieve that unification, we require an enhanced practice—through self-achievement, we turn into a better person and transform our entire being.

On the mat, while practicing breath control, meditating, at every step with a yoga practice, we delve deeper inside us in order to find the lost true Self. Yoga is an inner expedition that begins the day you decided to step on the mat to experience change.

Get on the mat, commence the journey of self-discovery, be steady, perform asana, breathe, calm the mind, and go into a meditative trance to build inner connection, and then, with the universal consciousness.

Connection to Your Instinct for Awareness

It is essential to spend quality time with yourself to connect with your intuition, both as a yogi and a person. Yoga is the perfect way to develop a deeper connection with your inner-Self, which brings clarity to the mind. Realization is ignited when you begin to focus on your life and your actual goals. All this together brings awareness.

Yoga, indeed, helps you form a connection with instinct—and in this voyage, meditation is the key practice to facilitate this intuitive connection. The process calms the mind to create a space for intuition to fill in and guide us with clarity, insight, and full awareness.

Consequential Relationships

We’re all interconnected with one another by the vital life force (prana) that flows in and around us and is often referred to as energy. We are all affected by each other—some people make us feel uplifted or energized, while others can leave us feeling exhausted, drained, or repulsive.

This is how we are all connected energetically and have a dynamic effect on people through our actions, deeds, thoughts, work, etc. The understanding of this sense of unity allows us to treat people with great respect, love, and kindness. All this understanding changes the perception of people, helps in improving relationships with work, friends, colleagues, family, and even with strangers.

Connect with Kinder People

Yoga is an opportunity to form a connection with people—specifically, people we share a collective interest related to experience. This indicates that yoga is a source that can bring communities across the globe together, sharing the same platform and working on building a positive connection.

As a yogi, you connect with your community, along with other people in the society, which accords greater happiness and fosters a feeling of satisfaction and completeness. The more we can find and connect with like-minded individuals, the better we feel, and can experience more joy throughout our lives.

Yoga means union, and through this practice, we can cultivate connection that has a positive impact on our entire beings and lives—so needed in this time and age when we are social online, but tend to be isolated when we log off.

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