Mindful Moment #57 – Whole Body Yes

The Sacred Self Maybe we don’t think of ourselves as sacred, but I think if we did, it could change the world. I mean, sure, there is that whole “my body is a temple” adage people used to say a lot. With all the foibles of our lives among the masses and our quirky beliefs about […]

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Mindful Moment #56 – You (feat. Creature)

Welcome to the Creature Feature In the small, quiet moments of solitude, wondering what new *thing* is going to appear on today’s horizon, the temptation to just turn inward is overwhelming. The songs on the radio are invitations to forget, to remember, to mourn, to celebrate, to shake it off, or to turn it up. The […]

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Mindful Moment #55 – Make Like a Tree

Holding Space Did you ever have one of those friends who you could just be utterly yourself with? You knew there’d be no judgement, no competition, and no talking just to fill up every quiet moment with sound. Maybe you have the same sense of humor. Maybe you can appreciate each other for whatever skills or […]

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Mindful Moment #54 – Help Wanted?

Help Wanted? I have a hard time asking for help. I don’t know if it is being the eldest child in my family, or if being a GenX latchkey kid just innately made me stubbornly independent. Maybe I have some undiagnosed neuro-spiciness that shackles me to a “this is how I want it done” mentality, while […]

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Mindful Moment #53 – Grace²

Grace Revisited I’ve been thinking about grace again. I wrote a post last year about what grace is and how we should give ourselves grace instead of being so self-critical that we get trapped in a rut of doubt, unable to find our way out of problems and into solutions. I wrote: “Grace is one of those […]

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Mindful Moment #52 – Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are Have you ever been posed with a question that kept you thinking about it, long after your initial answer was offered? I was asked by a young 20-something, “How do you deal with the unsettled feeling of leaving home?” They were truly upset at the prospect of leaving home with the task of […]

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Mindful Moment #51 – Audacious Adventuring

Audacious Adventuring A long time ago, when I was about a year away from turning 30, I planned a great adventure for myself. I felt like it was some declaration of independence I needed to make by striking out into the world on my own. It couldn’t be some quick, short, easy trip. I needed to challenge […]

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Mindful Moment #50 – Becoming a Beacon

Hold the Lantern High Today, I’m going to wake up early and take my kid to school. I’m going to have coffee and do the Wordle. I am going to work—writing and researching—trying to tell compelling stories that will make history sound interesting or mindfulness attainable. I’ll pet the dogs, let them out, let them in, […]

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Mindful Moment #49 – Unpress the Button

Unpress the Button “Hot button” topics are hot. In more ways than one, right? Back when we read paper newspapers, they’d yell, “Hot off the presses!” when the news was spicy that day. Now we have all sorts of news (and news adjacent) outlets that thrive on “hot” news…to the point that some manufacture it. As a […]

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Mindful Moment #48 – Water or Wheels?

Water or Wheels When I am feeling too pensive for my own good, or too distracted, or too bound up in my daily lists of “have to do” and “need to do” and “why haven’t you put away the Christmas decorations yet, you ridiculous procrastinator?!” I usually do one of two things. The first option is […]

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Mindful Moment #47 – Revolving Resolutions

Revolving Resolutions Back in January, I set an alarm on my phone to check in with myself about my annual New Year resolutions. It went off today, surprising me in line at the bank. Whoops. I didn’t exactly make resolutions this year as much as I adopted a “word of the year,” which was/is:  Transformation. I made […]

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