How to Feel Less Busy

Stop the glorification of busy! When it comes to living a full, mindful life, we need to stop, slow, and reassess. Feel less busy with these simple tips.

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How (& When) to End a Date

In a dream Universe, every date would be… well, dreamy! Sometimes, we need a little help in knowing when to cut our losses and end a date. This will help.

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When Your Friend is Dating the Wrong Person

You tell your best friend everything, even when you think they’re dating the wrong person… right? Slow your role, Dear. Let’s take a closer look, instead.

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How Personal Transformation Can Help or Hinder a Relationship

woman talks to her boyfriend in a laundromat about the personal transformation she's been experiencing

When we’re experiencing our own period of personal transformation, we sometimes forget it can have implications for those we’re in relationship with, too.

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3 Principles for Opening Your Mind, Heart & Home to Love

Opening your mind, heart, and home to love starts with three simple principles. Tracee Dunblazier walks us through the finer points to letting love in.

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How do I handle attachment?

In the mindful community, we strive for non-attachment in our lives (and relationships). But attachment, when treated with care, can teach us a great deal.

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The Difference Between Loving Someone & Being IN LOVE

Do you love them or are you in love with them? The question presents an opportunity to dig down and deeply understand what being in love is all about.

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How Do I Know If I’m Ready for My Soulmate?

Ready for that soulmate connection? Before you can decide if you’re ready for your soulmate, let’s examine all the ways a soulmate can show up in our lives.

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What You Need to Be a Good Lover

There are five essential things you need to do to be a good lover. That’s it. Check out this simple list to take your intimacy to new and magic places.

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