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What Men Should Know about the Female Body

The female body is as alluring as it is mysterious. By keeping some things in mind, this wonderland can be adored the way it so-rightfully deserves.

When it comes to sex, the difference between the male body and the female body is like the difference between playing a cowbell or playing a piano. Bang on the cowbell with a drumstick and you’re basically getting the desired effect; but to play the piano properly, 88 strings need to be delicately tuned to make the keys sing out in harmony.

Too many men are unaware that there are a number of variables that can affect their ladies’ sexual experiences, variables that include but are not limited to how women need to be touched. Here are a few points that every man (or woman) needs to consider before laying down with his lady.

Talk To Her

As in most relationship situations, communication is the key. What works for you in bed does not necessarily work for her. For instance, a study has shown that only eight percent of women reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse. Most women need a variety of sexual acts to bring about their maximum amount of pleasure; so ask her what she likes and be willing to explore her body.

Don’t ever assume that she is enjoying herself just because she is not saying anything. Silence is usually not a good sign. Many women will be hesitant to speak up, because they are not comfortable enough with a partner to express their desires or they fear their man will think them too experienced. Be considerate. If there is no dialogue and you are not sure that you are satisfying her, you start the conversation.

Simply asking her what she desires can make her comfortable and create an environment that you can both enjoy.

Tell Her She’s Beautiful

In many cases, a woman’s image of her body will affect whether or not she is relaxed enough to enjoy sex. Having a positive body image is important for your lady to be comfortable while engaging you. If her perception of what she looks like is negative, she can become too self-conscious to have a pleasurable experience.

You obviously think that your lady is the most beautiful in the entire world, good men always do; but just because you love the way she looks naked doesn’t mean that she does. Tell her that she is sexy. Let her know that you can’t take your eyes off of her and you want her all the time. Most importantly, say these things during the moments of the day when you are not about to have sex. Buttering her up as you are taking her clothes off will not have the same affect as constantly and thoughtfully reaffirming your attraction to her.

Amanda Scherker and Gabriela Kruschewsky have addressed these points and many more to help men understand and appreciate the female body enough to become better partners. Heed their advice by clicking here.

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