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Natural Remedies for Soothing Heartache

Sometimes our heart needs to be held to be healed and there’s no better healer than our Momma. Read up on ways to heal heartache, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Being an empath, I make a living through my heartache.

Yes, sounds like a dream job, I know.

Experiencing heartache can be anything from uncomfortable to completely debilitating for you and can possibly make you sick.

On the upside, anytime you experience heartache, something amazing is happening to you—your heart, mind, and body are processing out old information (relationship, etcetera) and creating space for new information and experiences to come in.

My personal motto is “heartache is heart opening,” so here are some of my favorite natural remedies, from fruits and spices to herbs and flower essences, that won’t cost much and will make the process a little easier on you.

I use many modalities and work with many practitioners and one of my all-time Chinese Medicine super heroes, Steve Gomberg, of the Lotus Center for Integrative Medicine, breaks down the process nicely:

“When we think about heartache in Chinese medicine, we think of the lung meridian. Lungs are the organ that allows us to take life in, and the large intestine is the part of the body that helps us let go of unwanted energy. The spice, Turmeric for example, has an affinity with the intestines and lungs and promotes and allows us to experience grief.”

Knowing what common foods, herbs, and spices you may have around the house is key, should you find heartache creeping in.

Home Staples

Some of the things you might find lying around the house are lemons to put in your water to help cleanse the liver of fear, anger, and grief.

Turmeric is an amazing spice you can make tea or use to cook with. (The more the better.)

And Chinese dates will nourish the heart and calm the spirit, while pears can be eaten to nourish the lungs and promote balance.


Herbs and teas have been used for thousands of years as medicinals and are a wonderful way to keep you healthy during your heartache.

Echinacea is the all-round tonic for rejuvenation and is spectacular in supporting the immune system and bringing balance back to the physical body during lengthy grieving periods.

Ophiopogonis is an herb that nourishes the lungs and is helpful when “you just can’t keep it together.” So if you’re weepy, that’s your best bet.

If you have a lot of anger, bupleurum is a wonderful remedy to help cleanse the liver and promote the transition from anger to grief.

*And, always remember, taking an herbal supplement should be done so with guidance from your personal physician.

Flower Essences

Flower essences have been around for at least a century and utilized as infused water with the essence of the flowering portion of a plant. They are considered to be a form of energy medicine similar to homeopathy.

My all-time favorite is the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy. It is the go-to formula for use in a crisis or for general grief and anxiety.

Massage Therapy

Doing bodywork has been my saving grace over the years.

“When you are experiencing extreme heartache, it’s not uncommon for all of your muscles to be tense and under pressure. Getting a full body massage helps to release the lactic acid that can build up in the muscle tissue and cause general aches, pains, and cramping that many people experience during grief. It also helps the mind-body connection as well as replacing great mental (and sometimes physical) pain with relief and compassionate healing touch.”  —Faith Miller, owner of the Massage Emporium in Baton Rouge.

Massage therapy also can promote the movement of your emotions; crying on the massage table happens all the time.

Getting a weekly massage during times of stress can be an incredible support to help keep you in balance while you let the grief pass through. Just remember, if you choose this method, you’ll want to remember to drink lots of water.


Going without food for a few of days or drinking only liquids is a sure fire way to get an elevated perspective on your situation.

We tend to eat when we are sad. So when we make a conscious choice to abstain from food for a brief period, the spiritual self takes over and can allow for some higher-minded information to come in as your grief moves through.

Fasting can be easier when you suffer from anxiety, but harder if you are feeling depressed, and is certainly not for everyone. Whatever you do, don’t make your situation worse by feeling punished because you’re not eating. We’re not trying to add to the discomfort, but respectfully identifying and releasing the pain.

I know it sounds funny, but fasting will bring up all the emotional and mental patterns that occurred leading up to your heartache, so you want to be prepared for the fairly prompt emotional response that the process will bring.

*Make sure to drink plenty of water and never fast longer than 24-48 hours without consulting a physician.


The one thing that’s free and everyone has access to (and is actually the most important thing you can do when your heart is broken): sleep.

Be patient and kind and let yourself rest, sleeping is the best body and mind healer.

Sometimes, a good dream can give you the insight that your waking mind, under stress, won’t allow.

About the Author:

Tracee Dunblazier

Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, CCDC, spiritual empath, shaman, educator, author and speaker is based in Los Angeles, California. Tracee specializes in grief counseling, energy dynamics, Shamanic healing, past life and soul recovery, transition strategy, addiction transformation, and space clearings. In 2015, Tracee founded GoTracee Publishing LLC and to publish a new hybrid of self-help, memoir, and spiritual book to access a wider audience of spiritual seekers. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee blends information that she receives intuitively with different modalities to create a unique healing plan for every client. Every session is focused on freeing the client from their presenting issue to release, empower, and heal – no matter what the condition. Tracee’s compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style supports and empowers clients as tender topics are addressed during the session. An accomplished author, Tracee has written two books on the topic of personal soul excavation and deep healing from soul to body. Book one: The Demon Slayer's handbook: A Practical Guide to Mastering Your Inner World addresses inner mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery through self-awareness and spirit guide communication. Book two: The Demon Slayer's handbook: A Practical Guide to Self- Healing and Unconditional Love empowers cultural awareness and understanding through looking at the concept of past lives and soul imprints. Tracee’s published articles cover many subjects related to spirituality and relationships while her blog breaks down current events and daily energy dynamics that everyone experiences. Tracee’s been a guest on many prominent television and radio programs informing others about spirituality and sacred ritual practices. Tracee teaches workshops, webinars, and offers two online courses on the As well as speaking engagements touching on subjects like grief, death & dying, unconditional love, self- acceptance, and healing. Contact Tracee at


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