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One Man’s Take On What a Feminist Really Is

When Emma Watson announced the UN gender equality campaign HeForShe, Jason Nik listened. Today, he speaks out on what a he believes a feminist really is.

I recently caught the video of Emma Watson graciously announcing the start of the HeForShe campaign. I know I’m so far behind from when the video went viral, but don’t worry, because I’m all in.

Since then, I signed up for the cause and I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do as a man to really make a difference. Because signing your name in support is a great start, but a revolution can only happen when people make real change. Men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, and HeForShe has given men a chance to make a real difference.

I have a lot on my mind about this subject, so I reached out to MeetMindful—a place I’ve been writing for that is all about acceptance and love; and decided this would be the perfect forum to speak my mind on the subject, to tell people how I really feel.

I believe it’s in the moments when we truly express ourselves that people pause and take what we say to heart.

So read carefully, because this is me telling you how I really feel about gender equality—from my heart to yours.

Growing up, we have long been told that doing something “like a girl” has a negative connotation. There was a great commercial during the Super Bowl that addressed this and while I think a lot of people liked the commercial, I’m not sure it really resonated past a few days.

What I want you to do is really think about it. Think about the women around the world and in your lives.

Here’s the truth.

I would love to throw a ball like Jennie Finch.

Or throw a punch like Ronda Rousey.

I want to inspire people to be themselves like Neon Hitch.

And rap like Nicki Minaj.

Sing like Lady Gaga.

Share how I feel like Taylor Swift.

Motivate people to eat healthier like Michelle Obama does for the nation.

Or encourage reading like Laura Bush does with her foundation.

Run multiple companies like Oprah.

Inspire happiness like Ellen.

I strive to have faith like my friend, Sandy G.

And get fit like loseitconkatie or motivate like Jen Selter.

Run like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

Drive like Shannon McIntosh.

How about get the highest rated segment on Impact like Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Or steal the show on Raw like Trish Stratus and Lita.

I dream of writing and directing like Sofia Coppola.

And to be recognized for having acting talent like Meryl Streep.

I would love to be an inventor and CEO like Cheri Garcia.

Embolden a generation like Malala Yousafzai.

I can only hope one day to be an amazing parent like my mom.

If you really think about your life, you will see whether directly or indirectly, women have a major influence in it. Women all over the world do amazing things. And to do things like them would be an honor.

Today, we live in a uniquely powerful generation, where our actions can be seen and heard worldwide so that we can make a real difference.

True feminists are not anti-men. Gender equality is not an anti-men movement. It’s not so women can have more than men. It’s for equality.

You look at someone like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is probably considered one of the most manly men today. Think about what really made people embrace The Rock? Sure The Rock is the eyebrow raising, jabroni beating, boots to asses, if you smell what The Rock is cooking, people’s champion; but that’s not why people embraced him. It’s the fact that he cares. It’s the fact that he puts his heart and soul in everything he does. That’s right everybody, the manly man Dwayne Johnson is an emotional man. And that’s why he’s so well loved.

So yes, I want to electrify the crowd like The Rock by expressing how I feel.

Yes, I want to someday be a parent like my mom, but I also want to be a parent like my dad.

And yes, I want to direct like Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan.

I want the world to see my vision on screen like JJ Abrams.

And tell my story like Sylvester Stallone did with Rocky.

Dance like Usher.

And I don’t care how high pitched his voice goes, I would love to sing like Adam Levine.

Gender equality is not about women being better than men, it’s about everyone being treated as equals.

In that viral video, Emma Watson asked, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

The answer is all of us, right now, and until we make real change.


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About the Author:

Jason Nik

Jason Nik, M.S. Psychology, is a Life Coach, relationship expert, and author of The Warrior’s Odyssey. He is known for his keen intuition and deep understanding of people from all walks of life. Through his extensive travels of the US and abroad, he has developed a vast knowledge of lifestyles, culture, meditation, and psychology. His experience and expertise make him one of the most sought after coaches today. You can connect with him through his website and on Twitter.


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