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Open-Mindedness for Better Dating & Stronger Relationships

We’re all guilty of being narrow in our thoughts and patterns at times. Discover why open-mindedness can be of benefit along with three places close-mindedness can sneak into our lives.


“Just be open-minded.” This is something singles hear constantly. While it’s always sound advice for any area of life, it can be cliché (and sometimes downright annoying).

Come on, we’re yogis for goodness sake. Of course we’re open minded. We’re open to a lot of things that most people are not. Many of us have piercings and tattoos, work in unconventional fields and go to great lengths to treat everyone with love and compassion.

How could anyone call us closed-minded?

Here are three ways closed-mindedness sneaks in and how to keep it out:


One of the benefits of being single is getting to do your own thing. You have your meditation routine, yoga schedule and which days to go to the farmer’s market down to a science. When a new relationship begins it can be hard to adjust. Because of all the excitement it’s easy to let these things fall to the wayside; but, changing your schedule too drastically to accommodate your budding romance can cause problems down the road.

Instead, try to balance your own routine with a few predetermined “date days” during the week. This does involve being open minded and flexible, however; you may have to swap your Wednesday evening yoga class for a Friday morning class with your less-than-favorite teacher, but look at it as an opportunity to grow.

Old-Fashioned Dating Rules

Though a lot of us pride ourselves on bucking the old-fashioned dating conventions, sometimes they’re so engrained in us that it’s hard to recognize. It’s especially easy to get lost in social media and technology.

One woman I spoke to complained of a guy who expressed interest via text but never called. When they initially bumped into each other, there was an undeniable chemistry; but for some reason he was hesitant to take it to the next level. Since he always texted her, she always responded via text. It was a text-book example of “wait for the man to call you,” just wrapped up in different packaging. As always, be true to yourself and don’t worry about walking a tight-rope to make it work. Be open-minded to your own instincts.

Bring it into the Bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to practice what’s taught in class, and there’s no doubt good sex enhances a relationship. Open-mindedness is key. Author Kim Anami writes in her article, “Sex + Yoga = Orgasmic Enlightenment,” “The best sex is borne out of an open, non-judgmental way of being: everything is accepted.”

Ever used sex toys with a partner? If not, why? The experts at Adam & Eve have a few ideas and share them on their blog—it turns out shame or social taboo could be keeping couples from experimenting. This closed-mindedness could be getting in the way an even deeper intimacy. Letting go and being open to new things can only bring you closer together.

Of course there are some things we shouldn’t be open-minded about. Knowing yourself and what you want is invaluable. For example, if you’re animal-free and you want a partner who is too, don’t settle for anything less.

Sometimes our friends advise us to be open-minded but what they are really implying is for us to “lighten up” on our beliefs. This is a total turn-off and can make us feel like maybe there isn’t someone out there for us. These friends mean well, but they are misinformed. Be open to what you really want, believe that you deserve it and sit back and watch the universe unfold.

Lisa Maskell is a freelance writer from San Jose, Ca. She specializes in health and fitness and relationship advice articles. When she is not writing, she can be found doing yoga on her paddle board or searching for the best vegan donuts in town.



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