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Practicing Alternative Meditation


Whether you run, write or listen, practicing alternative meditation brings much needed self reflection into your day. No need to light candles or incense.

Beginning a new workout or meditation regimen can be similar. You might start off strong, you go everyday, you read books about this new adventure, you may even read books on the subject so you know you’re doing it right and brag to your friends about how amazing you’re feeling lately.

Then comes the spiral. Little by little you cut out on your commitment until it’s been weeks since you’ve worked out/meditated. Our friend, Kriste Peoples has a solution for us: alternative meditation.

She describes how we can all work a little zen into our daily schedule instead of setting unrealistic goals for meditation. You can go for a walk, write, or just breathe but you don’t have to light candles, put on music, place your mat on the floor and completely disconnect every single time you meditate.

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