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Secrets to a Great Relationship: One Couple’s Quest

Meet Liz and Ryan, a duo on a quest to uncover the secrets to a great relationship. Through road-tripping and interview after inspiring interview, this young coupleĀ documents their findings to share with the world.


“Life isn’t always perfect, but it certainly is amazing.” —Liz Bower

Most of life’s rewards come at the price of hard work and avid consideration. A strong, healthy relationship is no different; it can be taxing to maintain, butĀ is always worthĀ our perseverance.

Many couplesĀ tend to feelĀ alone and unfortunate during the most difficult times, but thisĀ young couple has placed themselves in the publicĀ eyeĀ to prove that we are notĀ unique in our continual efforts to keep love alive. SoulPancake has recently featuredĀ this couple’s journey as theyĀ meet others who are trying to make it work, collecting empirical evidenceĀ of what it takes to haveĀ an AmazingĀ Life Together:

To learn more about Liz and Ryan’s project, visit their site, Amazing Life Together.Ā 

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