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Start Living a Better Life with One Choice

Angelica Rose says many of us are living in a duality world: right/wrong, bad/good, happy/sad. What if we could have a better life with one mental shift?

You are responsible for your life, so make it a great one filled with inner joy, peace, love and abundance.

We are living in a duality world where we have labels of good/bad, right/wrong, happy/sad. We’re bouncing back and forth between struggle, pain, stressful living and healthy, peaceful, joyful living. 

Many have dealt with adversity throughout their life in a problematic manner called Murphy’s Law living. Through Murphy’s Law, you experience fixing, correcting, resisting, complaining, and control. Your problems lead to fear, insecurity, negativity, and judgment. This results in limitations and an overall lack of focus, more problems and wasting time—stuck in some experience, relationship or situation that you do not want in your life.

Murphy’s Law Living

In Murphy’s Law living, there’s an exorbitant amount of time spent trying to make things happen. You physically attempt to force or control, trying to make people behave a certain way. You attempt to push time or make outcomes happen the way you want, causing so much struggle and unpleasantness.

girl bipolar happy mad emotionalIf you decide to participate in relationships from a Murphy’s Law state, drama occurs and more problems arise and stress is heightened. This happens because you are focusing on what is wrong, being adamant about having your beliefs your way.

The focus is on the “me” mentality rather than the “we” approach.

“Me” being you want it your way, you want it now, you want it to look a certain way. You want a person or situation to behave according to what your beliefs tell you it should be like.

The heightened stress becomes apparent when one attaches to the story being told and complains about it. Soon, the emotions kick in—acting as a social worker, wanting to solve it in a problematic manner, getting sucked into the self absorbed, me-focus mentality.

You are attempting to get something. As a result, you experience behaviors that don’t serve you such as: reactive communication, blaming, righteousness, pleasing to avoid conflict, care taking, and attempting to fix/change something or someone.

There are also lots of mental labels. For instance, judging the story, experience, and people as good, bad, right and/or wrong. We find ourselves criticizing others, since our limited focus is based on past experiences—experiences that one chooses to bring the past forward into the present.


Murphy’s Law has expectations. Living in the past, bringing memories and experiences forward into the present, creates patterns in which we try to fix or change people and/or situations. We do so with a belief that there’s something wrong with the situation and/or person.

We demand results or attempt to make people behave in a certain manner based on personal expectations, grown from past experiences with outside influences. With this pattern many become closed off to others; they feel ‘unsafe’ in relationship. This leads to mistrust, paranoia and so much unhappiness. Unless this is resolved peacefully, the pattern continues.

The Roles We Take On

Living according to Murphy’s Law creates dependent relationships through care taking. We sacrifice a personal life and cultivate selfish behaviors, focusing only on what we can get rather than what we can share.

When we embody the caretaker role, we end up pleasing others to avoid conflicts, with a tendency of giving up one’s choice of living life. When we take on the more selfish behaviors, we act self-involved, attempting to get something through forcing, demanding, installing fear etc. These are all controlling behaviors.

Through Murphy’s Law you either give power away, allowing outside perceived negative influences to affect one’s inner well being and harmony, or you attempt to take power through controlling others.

This is a lose/lose situation!

The Choice of Serendipity Focused Living

Now you have a choice: you can live a joyful, peaceful, harmonious, abundant life—a serendipity focused life.

sit, contemplation, quiet, outdoors, resolution, reflection, fearless livingIn living a serendipity focused life, you experience a greater level of peace, joy, relaxation and a higher self-belief. You go with the flow of life rather than against it in the same way you would in Murphy’s Law living. This works because there is trust, faith and acceptance of what is currently happening in your life, rather than complaining about what is not happening or what you don’t have in your life.

With this choice you are able to live in the moment with gratitude and appreciation for each day, as if it is a new life. When you are faced with challenges, you look at them as learning experiences rather than moments of victimization.

These learning experiences help you become more mature, grow and develop more wisdom, so you don’t repeat the same experience again. You allow situations to unfold more organically, rather than attempt to control the outcome.

With every challenge, there are lessons to learn; by choosing a serendipity focused life, you experience growth, wisdom and maturity with gratitude and appreciation. You go within and take responsibility for what the lessons are teaching you, rather than running from, resisting, or ignoring them. You take it day by day. You are proactive accordingly. You choose to enjoy life, careful not to take on others’ problems, problems that will only bring you down emotionally.

What a Serendipity Focused Lifestyle Looks Like

In living a serendipity focused life, you handle challenges with patience and compassion. You take time out to relax and if you start to feel stress, you immediately calm yourself through deep breathing, silencing any mind chatter, calming your emotions and relaxing the body through exercising and stretching. You choose to eat healthy since you want to live a vital and healthy life.

Living a serendipity focused life leads to a more spiritual path—spiritual, meaning you become aware that you are not your body, mind, emotions; you experience them. So you have no attachments to the stories behind the challenge, the emotions that arise allowing for deeper relaxation and the body that you use as a vehicle to live life. How well you take care of yourself will determine the level of healthiness, vitality, youthfulness, love, peace, joy and harmony.

Through living a serendipity focused life, your focus is inward strengthening. You enjoy life by releasing beliefs that are not in alignment with being happy. You can build inward strengthening by creating a well-being tool box that you commit to each and every day. The more solid the inner becomes, the greater you are in dealing with what seems like adversity. 

The Move From Duality to Non-Duality

To move from duality to non-duality, you choose to live your life free of the past. Keeping the wisdom, you let go of the attachment/participation in the story, or any drama that comes up, and choose to observe with compassion, patience, faith, trust and acceptance of what is and what is not.

Living a solid serendipity focused lifestyle while dealing with adverse situations and people who demonstrate Murphy’s Law living depends on your level of inner strength and commitment of living from a serendipity focus.

You may experience some releasing of old beliefs emotionally, mentally or physically. If you embrace the old that is being released rather than attach to it through focus, resistance, or judgment, you will move into the next phase with more ease and joy. In order for the new beliefs to solidify, it is important to focus all thoughts and feelings on gratitude, appreciation, acceptance and love.

Through serendipity focused living, manifestation becomes easier because you have a “we” focus rather than a “me.”  You behave like an inventor/artist; you create from a higher conscious place of abundance/flowing rather than from lack, insecurity, or fear.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.18.29 PM

The human mind can have many thoughts. Some serve one’s well being and some do not serve. Silencing the amount of your thoughts allows you to connect with what I call higher conscious living, where greater expansion occurs.  

Invest time being first and doing second; being the best you can be and demonstrating that through role modeling and education. The doing is proactive, based on smart decision making. You can be in the moment with the process, making decisions from a now/innovative place. You’re utilizing a “we” teamwork mentality where you allow others to contribute their talents and self in a more relaxed supportive manner.

You have harmony within because you have positive mental health, emotional joy triggers and physical well-being. The more you love and care for yourself, the stronger your relationship with others becomes.

Now you live a win/win life!

[images: via DanLopez.AdamNF and Lauren McKinnon on flickr]

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Angelica RoseAngelica Rose is a universal gifted Angelic Inner Essence Specialist since 1991, a certified hypnotist and author. She was ordained in India in 2005 and certified in 2007. Angelica is the author of two books, four relaxation CDs, three relaxation DVDs, a talk on Spiritual Oneness and three inspirational stickers. Angelica created a new online series called “Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness” You can visit Angelica’s site, Heart of Motivation, where she offers several gifts, including: Angel, Your Spirit Guides Medium Messages From the Angelic Realm Without Human Filters, Aligning the 8 Energy Chakra Points with Your Inner Spirit, Inner Spirit Activation for Greater Levels of Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity and Well Being, and Hypnosis Using Colors 

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