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What a Man Needs: Some Relationship Hints

Contrary to popular belief, men are as deeply-feeling, complicated beings as their female counterparts. We decided to do some investigating to find out exactly what a man needs.



Believe it or not, your man has just as many needs and insecurities as you do, especially when it comes to your relationship. Defining those wants can help you understand him on his way to becoming the best man he can be.

Here are a couple of hints:

We want to be your Superman.

I know, it’s cliché, but we want to be your hero well-beyond that sweep-you-off-your-feet phase at the beginning of the relationship. Men have a deep need to provide for and protect their loved ones. We want to bring you all of life’s joys and keep you safe from all of its dangers.

Each one of us needs to feel like the strongest man in the world, and your opinion is the only one that counts. If you make us feel like your hero, we will strive even harder to be.

We want to know the whole  you.

Don’t shut us out. We need to know and understand you in your beautiful, elegant entirety. If you only let us see a calculated, processed version of you, we will never be able to be the companion that you can learn and evolve with.

Give us a window into your soul. Reveal all of the versions of you, the brilliant and the broken, so we can love you for your flaws as well as for your strengths.  We have plenty of both, and we want you to know all of them too.

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