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The Mindful Penis: Think With Your Brain Instead

So, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about making the right decisions.

As men, we tend to be overpowered at times with our emotions and want to do what our penises (little head) tell us, instead of our brains (big head).

It’s important to think rational and logically in the times of tough decisions. Let’s explore these different situations and explain why it’s best to think with the “big head.”

1. Condoms

I know you hate condoms. Nobody likes condoms. But, they are (usually) the item that will save you from disease and pregnancy. When you’re with your next girl and you aren’t 100 percent sure if she’s disease-free or on birth control, you must use a condom.

We tend to get caught up in the heat of the moment. We would love to enter her with freedom and pureness; but you need to snap out of it and think straight. Those quick decisions could cause years of regret and frustration.

If you’re not ready for a kid (or a potential disease) wrap it up and stay safe.

2. Cheating

There will be times in your relationship when you will be tested. That cute girl across the way will come and flirt with you. It will be tempting to escalate further.

Thinking with the little brain here will get you in trouble. You could end up cheating and—once again—regretting your decision. If you’re tempted to cheat on a regular basis, re-think what’s happening in your relationship. Do you need to work more on your sex life? Are you truly in love with her? Figure that out before you whip it out.

3. Friendships

You might enter a situation one day where you and your close friend get drunk together. It happens all the time. While drunk, you make the decision to have sex. This could be the beginning of a potential relationship! Or not…

Before you decide to hook up with one of your friends be mindful of the relationship you have with her. Is this something you really want to take to the next level? Or is it best you two stay friends rather than lovers?

The guy downstairs may want some action, but think upstairs before you make that move. You don’t want anything to get awkward between the two of you and potentially ruin a great friendship.

4. Masturbation

I’m all for it. It’s normal. And everyone does it; but you don’t want to do it too much. In many situations, it’s best to keep it in your pants for a couple of days (or weeks) to build up the sexual energy inside you. Studies have shown that if you build up that energy, it allows you to become more creative, more energetic and overall more focused.

Suspending your masturbating habit for a while will help you become more active in the bedroom and focused in your work life. Next time you want to self-pleasure, think with the big brain and what that energy can do for your current situations.

5. Age

As men, we tend to be more attracted to younger women—sometimes this can get us in trouble. I hope I don’t have to remind you (but I will) that sleeping with someone under age is illegal, but men and women do it all the time. Save yourself from prison time and affecting other’s lives, by only performing sexual acts with a woman 18 or older.

Don’t tempt yourself by hanging around younger women. Beyond temptation, it’s also a creepy thing to do. No matter how much you want to be with someone younger and no matter how much they may seduce you, move on to someone “of age.” You will thank yourself in the long run.

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tripp_headshotTripp teaches men around the world how to meet, date, and build relationships with beautiful women. His specialty is in making deep connections with women and learning how to better socialize in order to have control over social interactions. His style uses all-natural methods and techniques to become a well-rounded individual rather than becoming something you’re not. He can be contacted on his website at

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