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Ground Yo’self! The Indispensable Magic of Grounding

person takes off shoes to practice grounding in the woods

To remain present in this world, we need practices that keep us connected to Mama Earth. Learn about the undeniable (and simple!) brilliance of grounding.

I will admit it. I came to the ‘ground yourself’ game way late—especially considering my work as an Intuitive Counselor, Tarot reader, and Energy Medicine practitioner, you would think this would have been in the “How to Be a Mystic 101” manual. And you would think right.

The practice of grounding was introduced and explained over and over again very early on in my personal and professional practice, but I still held to the belief that I didn’t need to do it.

And for a while it seemed like I didn’t.

I managed to get through OK but as my business expanded as well as my personal life the idea that I could get away without maintaining my energetic health went right out the window.

In particular, it was after the birth of my youngest daughter and around the time of some of the greatest growth I’d experienced professionally to date. I was run down, always tired, unable to finish projects, even those projects that were near and dear to my heart. I was agitated, in a mental fog, and I felt uninspired and completely unmotivated.

I felt as though I didn’t have a foundation upon which to stand, much less build.

And this was because I didn’t.

I was completely ungrounded—my energy and the energy of all of those around me caused me to be flighty and unable to stay focused despite all my best efforts. This left me absolutely depleted and in a full-blown burn out.

These are all symptoms of being ungrounded. And a lesson in why grounding is so important. Chances are many of these symptoms resonate with you as well.

But what is grounding and why do we need it so bad?

To put it in laymen terms, to “ground” simply implies reconnecting and realigning with Earth energy. It’s a vital practice for everyone but especially for those who are sensitive to energy and emotions.

We live in a modern world where complex energies and frequencies are whirling around our very being at alarming and near-constant rates. Our phones, TVs, computers, iPads, and microwaves are just a few of the devices that we use all day long that emit electromagnetic radiation. In addition to this, we are a culture of constant movement and work that depletes our natural energies.

So not only are we expending our vitality at alarming rates, but we are also subjected to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that also harm our energetic health.

The good news is grounding is a practice that helps to stave off this harm. Increased mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional stability are just a few of the many benefits we gain when we have a regular grounding practice.

And the best part is that is super simple, something you can do yourself with little to no experience, and it’s absolutely free.

So how do you ground?

Grounding is so simple. So simple, so effective, and so beneficial to our overall wellbeing that once you learn how simple it is you won’t believe it took you this long to put it into action in your life.

I have three favorite ways to ground that require no experience or technical know-how. Whether you are a woo-woo sensei or are just getting your toes wet, each of these methods will help you create a solid grounding practice that helps you feel, look, and live better.

1. Visualization

Before you roll your eyes, give me just a moment to go deeper. I want you to close your eyes and think of a fire engine. You can bring to mind relatively easily—the color, the ladders, the lettering on the side of the truck, etc. right?

Congrats, you just visualized! Visualization is super simple, but we humans have a unique talent for complicating even the easiest of ideas.

In this example of grounding, you want to find a comfortable seated position and visualize a cord extending from your tailbone down into the earth, moving through rock, sediment, and clay like it were made of butter.

When you feel you’ve traveled enough, conjure the image of a vibrant, beautiful light—this is Earth’s center and your cord is going to plug into it. 

Now visualize that Earth energy traveling upwards and filling your body until it collects, nice and neatly, at your center.

If you feel especially ungrounded, you can extend this visualization to see anything that is bothering you—stress, tension, worry etc.—draining from you, down this cord to be collected and repurposed by Mama Earth.

2. Salt Bath

Now that the weather is cooling and inviting us to run a nice hot bath, why not also add some salt and essential oil—kudos if you add some Vetiver, Sandalwood, or Cedarwood essential oils which are known for their grounding properties—and make it a luscious, grounding event!

I like to use a combination of Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salts, but good old Epsom salts are just as effective.

Combining the earth energy of the salt and essential oils with the cleansing effects of the element of water is a relaxing and grounding experience. This is a favorite of mine when I feel not only ungrounded, but also emotionally raw.

3. Get outside

Simply walking outside (barefoot if weather allows) for a few minutes is an incredibly grounding activity. The sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world around us helps us to ground into this moment and leave behind whatever else occupied our minds.

It’s also a great practice to complete a circuit by having our feet connected directly to Mama Earth so we can feel Her stability and support. I have been known to kick off my socks and run outside for a quick jaunt around my backyard—even in the freezing cold—when I need a super quick, but also very effective, way of grounding.

These are just three small ways you can ground, but the possibilities are endless. Get creative and make up some practices that speak to you!

There is no right or wrong, but the benefits are nearly instantaneous (yay, for instant gratification!) and so worth taking the few minutes to ground each day.

We are all here to live our life with purpose and meaning. We have visions that need to materialize and creations that are ready to be brought to life. When we are ungrounded, we find completing even menial tasks to be incredibly difficult and our potential is dimmed. We feel and look (EMFs are hell on the body, m’friends) haggard and lack the vitality which is our natural state.

I challenge each of you to a 30-day grounding challenge where you take just five minutes (more if you want/can) a day to ground. I promise you, the benefits will be felt in the first week turning your 30 days into a life-long practice!

About the Author:

Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a Colorado based Intuitive Alchemist, healer and Magic Maker. She runs Intuitive Alchemy, a sanctuary for intuitive readings and coaching. Stay up to date through her Facebook page and receive free daily intuitive tarot readings by following her on Instagram. Interested in Laura's services or products? Visit her site for more information: Intuitive Alchemy


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