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Monthly Scopes: Intuitive Medicine for January

Release tension, tune in, and amp up your you-ness this year. Laura Brown returns with her intuitive medicine to share what’s in store for your 2019.

Welcome to a brand new year and a brand new opportunity for expanding into what this human experience has to offer you.

I am not one to suggest rigid guidelines for creating resolutions that, in reality, we will give up after a mere few weeks. Instead, I like to encourage us to ask ourselves what we desire to FEEL in 2019.

What is the essence that we want to drip from our every movement, our every choice and our words? What do we want to bathe in, energetically, that will make this year feel expansive, peaceful and stable?

Once we lock into how we want to feel about the year ahead we see, with some pretty crystal clear clarity, just what actions we need to take to invite this feeling into our lives.

To aid us, I am here with January’s Intuitive Medicine, an energetic exploration into the month ahead for each sign.

Remember to take a look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. If you are born within 7-10 days of a sign’s transition, look up that sign as well.

These will give you a clear, detailed look into the month ahead and what you can expect!


Dearest Aries, you are nothing if not a consummate master at working a room and January is giving you ample energy for turning on the charm and wow-ing anyone before you.

This month has you hyper-focused on your public persona and perception. How do your co-workers see you? Your friends? Your family? You are not doing this so much to begin to frame who you are around their vision of you, rather to gain a deeper understanding between the gap that sometimes exists between who we think we are and how we come across.

Your Tarot medicine of the month is the Queen of Wands—and Lovely, she is setting the stage for some pretty radical personal exploration.

This is an energy of creation—wild creation that sets fire to all around you, but in a beautiful and transformative way. You are full of ideas and possibility and are not content with simply envisioning this potential. Oh no, dear Aries, you are not one to sit when you could stand, or (better yet) get moving. You are a doer and this energy is helping you to create the new you—the you that is going to make this year your best year yet!


This month you are ready to expand your horizons and get moving.

Travel for both business and pleasure could be on the table, but be sure you don’t move too fast. While your sense of wanderlust is dialed high, your pocket book may be crying for a break.

This will especially be true toward the end of the month when the spotlight—whether you are looking for it or not—will be right on you. Your career is the sector receiving this light and you will find that all the hard work you’ve put in over the last several months is finally getting noticed and getting you some recognition.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the Five of Pentacles, which tells me that, while you are getting some much-deserved attention, toward the end of the month it may not necessarily come with the cold hard cash you seek.

This energy is about feeling cut off from something you need. Oftentimes, with the suit of Pentacles, this relates entirely to our financial bottom line.

Even if you do see some of the recognition bringing in a bit more cash, you will want to watch your wallet for the first part of the month. Overindulgence or otherwise reckless spending could make any additional money that comes your way go out the door just as fast as it came in.


This may feel like an odd month for you, Gemini. Your normally-talkative demeanor is dialed low and your desire to pull inward for introspection is higher. You are more into your own inner halls than you are what everyone else is doing around you.

Be mindful that there is some tense energy entering your relationship sector—be romantic, platonic, or familial, this energy could cause your more hermit-like behavior to snap in a moment of verbally vomiting something you later regret.

Take it easy and be sure you have all the facts before you spout off at the mouth. Better yet, wait even longer until you know you are more settled and are in a space where you can respond rather than react.

Your Tarot medicine of the month is the Two of Swords which only furthers the warning to make sure you have all the facts this month.

This is an energy of hitting the pause button because you feel like you are missing some vital piece of information needed before you move forward. Sometimes I would advise that we don’t need to wait for all of the info and rather take action now, but given the energy of the month, I think you are more apt for success if you hit pause, take some time, and come forward with your thoughts once you feel more centered.


You’ve got some pretty tense energy being served up in January, Cancer. There is an abundance of challenging energy in your relationship sector telling me it’s high time for you to confront any relationship issues, imbalances etc. that have been brewing to the top as of late.

You may feel like everywhere you turn there is someone waiting in the dark to pop out and disagree with you, challenge you, or otherwise share their unsolicited opinion of what you are doing. While this certainly can be frustrating, pay some mind to setting boundaries that let others know what you will and will not tolerate.

You do not need to adopt what others think or say to you as truth. Take what resonates and discard the rest.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the Nine of Swords. This is a very fear-based energy. It’s that feeling of staying awake at night, biting your teeth, and going through the myriad of what-if’s around a situation in your life. It doesn’t feel good and I am sure you’re ready to close out this article now, but bear with me.

See, the medicine of this energy is about reminding us that we have far more power than we give ourselves credit for. In even the most dire of circumstances we have steps—even little ones—that we can take to begin to create new flow and feel better about our situation.

This card reminds us we must confront and face what we fear in order to conquer it. Yes, it may be uncomfortable; but often when we face these fears, we find the reality of them is far-smaller than we worked them up to be.


Once again, your health is the focus for the month ahead, Leo. You are being called to pay attention to what makes you feel good and what does not—this includes your habits, your relationships, and the ways you spend your time. If it does not support and uplift you it’s time for it to go.

This is a year of creating some positive momentum where your health and wellbeing are concerned, but it is going to require that you make some difficult decisions. You will be saying goodbye to some things so you can say hello to others—which should suit you quite well, since this month you are going to feel even more on fire and ready to tell the world exactly who you are. You’ve gone through some pretty hefty transitions and you are ready to show the new you to the world.

Your Tarot medicine is the Six of Wands and speaks to success and achievement. You are feeling on top of the world and all that once bogged you down has been released and you are seeing all that hard work finally pay off.

Celebrate and enjoy this moment of feeling entirely together and right where you desired and strived to be! You deserve this moment to shine.


While everyone else is battening down the hatches and preparing for the serious work of creating a foundation for 2019, you are all about the fun! You are ready to let loose and let be and this is exactly where you need to be.

You had some pretty intense (in a good way, for the most part) energy that followed you around toward the end of 2018 and you’ve earned a bit of time off to play and enjoy all that hard work you’ve already done.

Come the end of the month, you will find creative and work projects to be a main focus. The spotlight is once again on you and it’s time to shine, Darling.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the Sun card and speaks to lots of warmth, success, and achievement!

You get the first half of the month to play and relax because you already put in a great deal of work—work that, come the end of the month, is going to gain you the recognition and success you’ve long deserved. Additionally, all that hard work has expanded the portals through which additional blessings can come your way so get ready for being a hot ticket that everyone wants to have.


Your attention is turning towards redesigning—this could be you, your home, your wardrobe, your look, your relationships. You are ready for some fresh energy and are feeling inspired to make some changes.

Be mindful to not overdo it—there is some tendency with this energy to really tax your system with too-much too-soon. Take it slow and know the changes that last forever are those we slowly put into place.

Toward the end of the month, relationships take center stage and you may find a new paramour entering the scene. Already attached? Then get ready for some much-needed refresher energy that helps you see just why you fell for one another to begin with.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the 10 of Cups and is a beautiful energy of connection, home and family. For some of you, this may mean you are taking the next step in an all-important relationship. Maybe you finally put a ring on it or reach a new stage of commitment. For others, it may simply mean you are finding your relationships overall thriving with a sense of purpose, connection, and intimacy.


Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that your life is about to slow down, Scorpio! In fact, this energy feels to me like things may just be getting started.

There is a lot of communication, offers, proposals etc. that are coming your way—this doesn’t mean you need to say yes to them all. In fact, it would be wise to know your limits and when to say no.

Toward the end of the month, I would encourage you to pay close attention to your pocketbook. Some indulgent spending the first half of the month may leave your wallet quite a bit lighter.

Take some time to address any imbalance you find yourself in with some wise and grounded choices that reflect not just instant gratification, but long term potential and wellbeing.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the Nine of Wands. You are feeling the need to defend yourself this month, Scorpio. Maybe in light of those aforementioned indulgences you have to really defend your security by whittling away any extravagant expenses or maybe it’s something entirely different.

The medicine of this card is to be mindful of what you are defending, why, and the methods you are using to defend it. We can get a bit defensive when we feel something we want is being held outside our reach when maybe it’s not time for it to enter our lives or we are simply not ready for it. We get defensive when someone offers some well-intended advice. There are lots of ways in which really positive things can cause us to feel defensive. Be sure you are protecting something and not simply behaving a bit like a brat.


This month finds you super-focused on what you are bringing in financially and what it says about your value. Are you being undervalued? Accepting less than because it’s better than nothing at all?

This month you are encouraged to get clear on your value and to begin standing firm at that line. If people think they can undervalue you or that you doubt your value, they have no reason to do anything other than to mirror that.

This month, you are able to make some strides and potentially increase what you are earning, but it only comes through a very confident energy.

Your Tarot medicine for the month is the Three of Cups and represents a time when you just may well be celebrating a certain something, Sagittarius. Maybe it’s finally recognizing and standing up for your value. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

Regardless, the medicine of this card is to gather those around you who have supported you and who love you to pay some attention to achievements you’ve made. You may not have every duck in order, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate how far you’ve come with your nearest and dearest.


This month begins with a powerhouse energy bringing major spotlight potential to your career.

You are feeling the rush of positive, potential energy and it’s inspiring you to make some changes. You may finally ask for that promotion or maybe you will feel compelled to bring some change to your personal sector by changing your look or the feel of your home.

You are ready to invite some fresh energy and it’s taking you to new heights this month. By inviting in this fresh energy, you are creating major flow—flow that helps you to capitalize on all the opportunity that surrounds you and gives room for it to enter your life.

Your Tarot medicine of the month is the Two of Cups. Bring some of that joyful, potential-rich energy to your relationship sector, Capricorn! If you are single, expect that you may meet someone with whom you have a profound and immediate connection with. Those of you who are already attached will find a renewed sense of purpose where your love life is concerned and will feel more connected to your partner than ever.


You start 2019 with a heightened sense of awareness around your place in this world and the plight of others.

Your sign already carries a potent humanitarian charge, so this month you will find that put to good use as you seek to reach out into your community to ensure you are helping those who need it.

You are more introspective than usual, as well. You have so much happening around you that you find quiet time, where you can go within your inner halls, to be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

The Tarot medicine of the month for your sign is the Page of Pentacles—there is something brewing within. A vision that is forming and beginning to unfold.

This energy is all about manifestation and achievement. It’s new opportunity to take what you have within and turn it into a reality. And, while most Pages tend to have an immature energy, the suit of Pentacles grounds this energy… meaning any effort you take now toward manifesting your vision will prove successful.


Your career is on fire this month, Pisces! You are seeing a major boost to your public image and the amount of attention you receive for all that hard work.

Be ready to step up to the plate by spending some time in meditation. While it may seem counterintuitive that slowing down will help you do more, it’s time to get connected with your highest Self—and what better way than through meditation.

It’s time for you to get grounded and centered before the pace of life quickens with all the action happening in your career. Don’t be surprised, either, if your goals and trajectory are changed. This seems to me to be in a favorable way, but just keep your wits about you all the same.

The Tarot medicine for your sign this month is the 10 of Pentacles. This is major prosperity energy, dearest Pisces. This is the type of wealth-building that establishes foundations that support you, not just today, but for generations to come. It’s that sense of generational wealth that lasts a lifetime.

More importantly, it’s a time when you feel stability beneath your feet. You’ve worked hard, you’ve paid your dues. Now it’s time for you to see all that come together and to realize you are stable. Your life is stable. You do not need to fear or have anxiety about what tomorrow will bring because you’ve already planned ahead. Enjoy, Dearest!

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Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a Colorado based Intuitive Alchemist, healer and Magic Maker. She runs Intuitive Alchemy, a sanctuary for intuitive readings and coaching. Stay up to date through her Facebook page and receive free daily intuitive tarot readings by following her on Instagram. Interested in Laura's services or products? Visit her site for more information: Intuitive Alchemy


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