“What boundaries should I NOT cross with my ex?” with Allana Pratt

So you’re friends with your ex. Boundaries shmoundaries, right? Not if you (or your ex) want to find relationship happiness again.

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“I may be out of practice in the bedroom… any tips?” with Allana Pratt

When dating, we want to feel confident and comfortable no matter what the location. Allana Pratt returns to help us find our flow in the bedroom again.

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“My crush is back in town! What should I do?” with Allana Pratt

The crush (you know… the crush) is back in town! Great! Or not-so-great!? Don’t worry, Allana Pratt is ALSO back with some just-for-you advice.

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“She just disappeared…” with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Things are moving and grooving with your new love interest until… nothing? Allana Pratt is here to help make sense of her MIA status.

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“Why do men always have to lead?” with Allana Pratt

Tired of how society thinks your supposed to behave? Allana Pratt explores our relationship to gender roles in dating and beyond.

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“My boyfriend is verbally abusive… should I leave?” with Allana Pratt

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves the difficult, I’d-rather-not-go-there, probing questions. Don’t worry. Allana Pratt will light the way.

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“When should I tell her I have a kid?” with Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt is back with a dose of love for the dating parents of the world. Because in breaking news of little ones, timing is everything. Or is it?

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