45 Invaluable Things Every Man Should Know

Save your “life hacks” for another day and tap into some of the most worthwhile advice you could hope for. These are things that every man should know.

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Forget Everything You Think You Know About Dating

Don’t call for three days, swipe left, swipe right, text message break-up…repeat. MeetMindful presents an opportunity to see dating differently in 2015.

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Jane Miller: Authenticity, TMI & Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Women can be extraordinary business leaders. Jane Miller is no exception. She recently schooled us on common misconceptions, mistakes and her new book, too.

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What If You Were Honest Instead? [video]

Oh you’re good? “Really” good? How nice. Now let’s drop the act and get honest. You know… for fun.

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Q&A With Legendary Author Arielle Ford: Soulmate Connections, Life After Death & Her New Book

In this lifetime, we’ll have to say goodbye to people we love. But, as Arielle Ford lays out in her latest book, the soulmate connection is far from broken.

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Are You a Dog Person? On Being a Good Dog Owner & Dating

Sit. Stay. Read. Learn all about how being a good dog person can speak volumes for your character and how a cool new product can help you along the way.

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Practicing Alternative Meditation

Whether you run, write or listen, practicing alternative meditation brings much needed self reflection into your day. No need to light candles or incense.

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