Breaking Down Walls to Open Your Heart

Heartache is part of the human condition; but just because you’ve experienced pain doesn’t mean you have to suffer indefinitely. Arielle Ford shows that you can once again open your heart.

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A Few Surprising Online Dating Profile Tips

We make it our business to know the hows and whys of online dating—that includes picking up a few awesome online dating profile tips from time to time. Check out these recent finds.

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The Mindful Break Up: Pain for the Sake of Prosperity

Even in the most difficult situations, there are lessons to gain—in loss, in grief. Our favorite outlaw shares his break up story and the gifts of his pain.

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Testing the Love Formula

Can romance be quantified? A group of researchers set out to create a mathematical equation that can predict the longevity of a relationship before it starts—a love formula.

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The Elusive Mindful Mate (or Searching for Unicorns)

Meeting a person who understands you and aligns with you philosophically is no easy task, not for anyone. We looked into what it takes to find your mindful mate.

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How to Accomplish Your Relationship Goals

Being goal-oriented is an important aspect of getting where you want in life; being goal-oriented can help us in love, too. The Angry Therapist tells us a little something about reaching our relationship goals.

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Defining Acceptance & Non-Judgment to Improve Our Relationships

In the ongoing discussion of what it is to be mindful, the terms acceptance and non-judgment are often used interchangeably; but should they?

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Some Happy Bits of Fatherly Relationship Advice

On this Father’s Day, we’d like to reflect on some relationship advice provided by the proverbial “man of the house.”

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