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Your Monthly Scopes: October

Blending her knowledge of both astrology and Tarot to create Monthly Scopes exclusive to MeetMindful, Laura Brown is here with October’s cosmic forecast.

The month of October feels like a welcome release after a heavy dose of transitional energy from September. We begin the month with some of that energy still in play, mostly stemming from the passionate, fiery, and impulsive energy of the Aries Full Moon from September 24th. The start of October places an emphasis on learning how to balance our individual needs with those of others in our orbit.

It’s a delicate balancing act and one which is going to take a great deal of effort to master.

The New Moon on October 9th in Libra is an excellent time for putting new effort towards partnership. Libra values the symmetry found in partnership and those looking to find a partner with whom they can share their lives will want to take time to put together a plan. While a “plan” when speaking about romance can seem a bit out there, it’s actually important that you’re digging into what you want—how you want a relationship to look, and how you hope a relationship will benefit you and your life. Knowing these things helps you to approach potential relationships with an understanding of what you truly want.

Additionally, this is a great time or sprucing up and playing up your assets. Libra is ruled by Venus and if there is one thing Venus knows it’s how to draw the eye. We all come into this world with talents and assets that make us unique and beautiful. It’s time we honor those assets and accentuate them.

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th signals a time for achievement, endings, and wrapping up anything to do with our sense of foundation, security, and finances. This is where you may see some sort of culmination play out over areas related to security, foundation, and money. Take the time to step fully into this energy. While our society may have an unenlightened approach toward money, we still need to do our part to ethically and consciously operate within the current system. This transit helps us to get clear, if nothing else, on what that looks like for us, individually.

Let’s take a look sign by sign to get an idea of how the month will impact each of the 12 signs. These scopes are a marriage of astrology and Tarot to provide each sign with insight into what we may expect in October. If you were born within 7-10 days of a sign’s transition to the next sign (Cusp sign) I strongly encourage you to read that scope as well as your Moon and rising signs.


The start of this month is much more about the self and independence—especially as it relates to relationships/partnerships. You may find you are more interested in exploring interests beyond partnerships or simply have more of a rebellious streak to you for the first half of October. You will not simply take things at face value this month. In fact, you’re more likely to debate and engage those in order to speak your truth and be heard. Be mindful to not take things too far as the energy of October leaves you drawn towards extremes. Food, drink, and yes, speaking your truth are all apt for a little over-doing during the coming four weeks.

The theme for you this month is highlighted by the Page of Pentacles. This is an energy about starting something new. It’s about allowing in new energy, new inspiration and really putting together a solid plan to make it happen, whatever it may be for you. The Page, however, is young and inexperienced. There’s a tendency to sometimes act without thinking or having a plan. This often wastes not just time but precious and valuable energy that could be better directed with a little forethought. With impulsivity being an energy you will encounter this month, let’s pay special attention to thinking before leaping. I know it may not be your natural MO, but will be the method that serves you best for October.


Oh, my sweet Taureans, you are the trusty workhorse of the zodiac. Always toiling away and stock-piling for that inevitable day when you need it. It’s an admirable quality, I will grant you that, but this month you may take it too far. The astrology of the month has you saying “yes” when you should be saying “no.” You have too much on your plate and, while this all serves to help you make personal and professional advancements, it’s important to be mindful of your health and wellbeing also. Take time for meditation, engage in some delicious self-nurturing, and be sure you’re not burning the candle from both ends.

The latter half of the month is all about romance, so dust off those dancing shoes and get ready to put yourself out there! The astrology is conducive for mingling and you may just meet someone who makes your heart go pitter-patter.

The Tower card is your theme for the month. Putting too much effort, attention, and energy into only one part of your life leaves a whole lot neglected. Make sure you are doing things which impart lasting stability to your foundation. It’s not just what you have in the bank that lends security to your life, Taurus. It’s also the people who are in your orbit, the ways in which you nurture your inner wells, and the tending to your spirit that will see to it that you are able to enjoy the material fruits of your labors.


This month, Gemini, your inner child is ready to come out and play! You are ready to mingle and your charisma—already naturally quite high—will be dialed even higher throughout October. You will find matters related to fun, socializing, and romance are highlighted for the first half of the month while you find things slowly shift towards career after the 15th. Health will also figure prominently as you explore how you can up-level your inner environment to match the expansion you will enjoy this month externally. Key energy around employers or professional ventures closes out your month allowing you make headway where your work is concerned. If you’ve considered applying to that new company or requesting a promotion, the end of the month if your best opportunity for seeing favorable progress.

The theme for October is the Magician and places emphasis on manifesting the life you desire by utilizing the tools at your disposal. You have everything you need to make major shifts happen. The Magician is imbuing you with the clarity, charisma, and charm needed to blend energies together to turn the vision within into a reality.


You are in your element this month, sweet Cancer! You will find the first part of October has you feeling the need to draw inward and put attention on the home front. You may spruce up your living environment ensuring it’s a reflection of who you are and what brings you comfort. You will find all this sprucing puts you in the mood to celebrate, so invite your friends and family over for some good food, good conversation, and quality time. Set the hygge vibe right with some delicious Autumnal candles, comfortable attire, and enjoy some sweet moments with those in your close orbit. Be mindful that the energy of this month lends itself to overindulgence, so keep consumption of food and drink to a conscious level.

Towards the end of the month you are digging deep and exploring your inner halls. This is a great time for working with a mentor or coach to help you understand more about your patterns and their impact on your day to day.

Your theme this month is represented by the 4 of Pentacles and symbolizes your need for pulling your energy back to you. Since the astrology of the month can lead to some overindulgence, consider the 4 of Pentacles as your ability to temper too much into just enough. This is about being mindful and exploring how you can best maximize what you have to offer, be it energy, effort, and money to your highest good.


This month you are seeing the need for receiving validation for what you have to offer those in your orbit. The energy is encouraging you to ask for what you need and what you think you are worth so you are not undervaluing yourself in the creative process. All you’ve worked toward over the last several months is beginning to take form—this means the pace of life is heading into a rapid pace and a need for ensuring that you are balancing what you do with what you need with great care. Take multiple time outs for a little self-nurturing and trust that in so doing you are allowing yourself to show up more fully for the multiple demands upon your time and energy.

Toward the end of the month, your focus returns less from what you are offering the world and more towards home, family, and those who matter most. You will find the energy conducive to solving any lingering issues between you and those in your orbit so that peace can be restored.

The theme for October is represented by the 6 of Swords—this is an energy all about transition. Some transitions we consciously seek out and welcome; others we resist and fight against. Whatever side of the coin you happen to find yourself on this month, it’s important to note that where you are headed is ultimately part of the next stage of your journey. Even if you feel some friction, know you are being forged by fire to become stronger, more resilient, and ultimately more powerful in the process.


The focus for my sweet Virgos will be on money, money, and more money for the month of October! You will put your keen attention to detail and ability to micromanage to good use this month as you assess what you make, whether it’s enough, and how to make it stretch. This will be a month where you are hyper-focused on maximizing what you have and will consider more long-term investment strategies that help pad your nest egg for the long term.

If you are finding the purse strings tightening this month, trust that you will manage just fine. While you enjoy the finer things in life like others, you will be very good at knowing what is a need and what is a want allowing you to take what you have and make it stretch.

The good news is that while you are doing all of the practical work, energetically, things are aligning for you to attract to you exactly what it is you need—both in the form of unexpected funds coming your way and people who can help you financially. Expect that connections made this month will be vital additions that help inspire new prosperity energy.

The theme for my Virgo friends is represented by the Moonchild card—this is a new card introduced in the Moonchild Tarot deck that I’m working with for these scopes and is all about tapping into your natural rhythms. We all have them and, oftentimes, by paying attention the Lunar phases you can begin to map out times in the month when you feel invigorated and others when you need a bit more rest and self-care. By dialing into your natural rhythms in this way, you empower yourself with knowledge that can help you consciously plan each day and week in a way that feels in sync and flow with greater ease.


So much energy is focused around you this month, Libra! It’s the start of an astrological cycle for you and one which is bringing all the good vibes your way! Hopefully you’ve been putting in the extra work over the last few months to start turning those ideas you have within into reality. Those who have worked hard will find the energy supports you tenfold with lots of fortuitous opportunities. Expect that good luck will follow you this month, helping you to turn everything you set your mind to into gold.

Mid-month your focus is going to turn inward as you examine your motivation. Why do you seek what you do? What drives you in your life and what matters most to you?

This month will close with you paying close attention to what you value and what you don’t. This may mean that some things you once previously treasured suddenly do not hold as much value. Let the dead weight fall away knowing you are making room to expand in other directions.

The theme of this month is highlighted by the Page of Swords and this is a quick-witted, calls-it-like-it’s-seen energy. You have an ability to speak your mind, share your ideas, and spread your knowledge clearly and with ease this month, Libra. This energy is all about honest assessment and a willingness to turn knowledge into action, allowing you to make major progress in some area of your life.


This month is going to be a delicate balance between letting it all out and not going off the deep end as you emotionally vomit every last feeling you’ve felt on those in your orbit, Scorpio. You are a sign with a penchant for feeling things and feeling them deeply—this month is no exception. You may find your temper is dialed on high, that you are raw, exposed, and easily frustrated and yet may feel unclear as to exactly what is going on with you.

Even if you struggle to understand why your mood seems to swing from one extreme to another you can still funnel this energy in a healthful way by engaging in some physical activity (get your sweat on with a fitness class!) or taking some time to sit in meditation and just breathe. You may be surprised how much more centered you feel when you consciously create space for doing nothing but settling into a quiet space.

By mid-month you will find the emotional fog begins to dissipate and you are able to more clearly understand what you need and how to get it. Your boundaries will be vital to this process so begin to suss these out if you know you tend to be weak in this area. Matters with your family may prove a bit difficult, but at least your romantic mojo will be amplified to help distract you from any family drama that might pop up.

Your theme for October is represented by the Knight of Swords and this is a very impulsive energy. Given your tendency towards some pretty wicked emotional swings early this month, this energy may prove intense for you! It’s not all bad, however, as this energy is all about getting it done. You are able to move fast on anything you wish to see come to fruition while also having the perseverance to see projects through. Just be mindful that even a good plan requires some forethought; rather than riding off into battle with no clear idea of what you are going to do, why don’t you take some time to strategize first?


This month is tickling you in all the right places, Sag! The energy is pushing you to explore your goals and dreams and to get out there and get engaged. Let’s remember that this life is for experiencing in full, not to be take in while in autopilot. If you’ve been reflecting on those new year’s resolutions—realizing you sort of let them fall by the wayside—fear not, your time has come. This month you can really get a lot done if you simply examine what you want to commit to. The good news is this allows you to put your desire for adventure to good use by bravely exploring both your inner halls as well as your external environment. You will find this month you are able to expertly define what you want for yourself and map out exactly how to get there.

Does it mean it will all be a walk in the park? No, but you are nothing if not a brave adventurer who is ready, willing, and able to tackle any obstacle or challenge on your path.

The theme for the month of October couldn’t be better suited to the astrology of the month. The 3 of Wands is all about putting together a plan to make your vision a reality. Imagine looking out over a wide ocean and seeing an island that you feel called to settle and make your home. You’ve clearly defined what you want and now it’s about putting together a solid plan that allows for you to get from your Point A to your Point B. You are supported on all levels, Sag, in all that you desire to do. So, decide, define, and get to work!


All eyes are on you this month as you attract the attention of the right people at the right time. Those of you who’ve been hard at work (and what Capricorn worth their salt wouldn’t be?!) putting together a grand plan or brushing up on their skills to be the best at what they do will find all the pieces falling into place this month. Your career is on fire and those in high places are seeing you and what you bring to the table.

This is the month to go after that lucrative promotion or present that big project. Something you’ve been working on is reaching culmination and the astrology of the month is helping you to make all the right moves. It’s going to be a month of hard work and paying attention to detail—you’ve gotten this far with lots of hard work and that isn’t about to change now—but rest-assured that all the extra effort is going to pay dividends.

By the end of the month, you are ready to kick off your shoes and relax. Gather those closest to you and get ready to play. You will find romance is especially enriched when you let loose and spend time doing what you want to do after a month of doing a lot of what you felt you needed to do.

The theme for you this month is represented by the 3 of Pentacles and it’s an energy of community and working together. You have a lot on your plate this month and likely this is simply just another month in a long line of months of hard work. But now that things are coming together, the pace is even quicker and it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. This card is all about working with those in your orbit. Delegate what you can and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help from those you know. There is much to be gotten when you share in the genius of the collective.


Not one for the status quo, this month tickles your fancy for change. You are encouraged this month to dig into a new area of study or perhaps seek out a mentor who can help you level-up in your life in some way.

You will find this month you are craving connection and those who are unattached may find that they meet someone as they explore their new passion project or course of study. Those who are already attached will be interested in creating new ways to increase passion and forge a more intimate bond.

Toward the end of the month you are all about the wanderlust! You want to see it all, experience it all, and immerse yourself fully in something totally different from the norm. You are a sign that thrives when you are able to dance to the beat of your own drummer, so take off and explore, Aquarius! You are more than your routine and this month you have a standing invitation to break out of the confines of what is to explore what can be.

And guiding your way this month is the Shadow Work card—this is another new addition within the Moonchild deck that teaches us about the importance of exploring those parts of ourself that we often hide. Perhaps you have told yourself that your desire for change or exploration is wrong. Maybe you have told yourself that it’s irresponsible and that you need to be grinding that 9 to 5 and handling your obligations. Whatever it may be, the Shadow Work card reminds us that all parts of us are valid—even, and perhaps especially, those parts we deny or downplay or hide from the world (and sometimes ourselves). This energy is a call to play in our shadow, so we can also fully embrace our light. We are both, light and dark. Good and bad. The whole is where true healing and lasting wellbeing reside and this month you have an opportunity to explore your shadow.


This is a month made for us, Pisces. The first half encourages Pisces to explore the inner halls, to tap into intuition and explore our spirituality. Neptune turning direct gives us the go-ahead for tapping into our consciousness and building a stronger bond with the intangible aspect of our being. And this, Pisces, is your playground—it is where you reign supreme. There is no other sign that understands and just totally “gets” the spiritual nature of all beings like you do. Now it’s time to really put this understanding to good use. While you may pull inward and spend more time alone and in contemplation, you are actively working to take what you understand and sense intuitively and put it to good use in your life and the experience of the collective.

The second half of the month has you turning your attention and intuition on to your relationships. Those who are partnered will be focused on what is working and what is not. Those things that need a little extra TLC will get them and the astrology generally favors a very smooth ride in matters of love and romance. Those who are looking for love will find their clarity of vision helps them to attract just the right people for the time being. Maybe one of these people will turn into “the one” and maybe not, but each of them brings something special to the table that aids your evolution as a person and in the pursuit of love.

The theme of this month is the Fool card and a wonderful energy to have. This is all about taking chances. It’s about taking the leap and having the ultimate trust that when you land all will be well. This is an energy that you play well in, Pisces. You intuitively know you are surrounded by a power higher than yourself and that when you commit and follow the flow of energy, the impossible becomes possible.

About the Author:

Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a Colorado based Intuitive Alchemist, healer and Magic Maker. She runs Intuitive Alchemy, a sanctuary for intuitive readings and coaching. Stay up to date through her Facebook page and receive free daily intuitive tarot readings by following her on Instagram. Interested in Laura's services or products? Visit her site for more information: Intuitive Alchemy


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