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A Love Letter from a Magical Manifestor

An intuitive recently called me a “magical manifestor.”

It’s true: I regularly envision what I want and set things into motion with a special blend of make-it-happen fairy dust.

I manifest magic in my career on a daily basis. I do this in my yoga practice. I even do this in my relationships. I paint a clear picture in my head, have a chat with the Universe about what kind of support I’ll need, then together we’re off and running.

So Universe: please send this love letter to the man I’m falling in love with.

In the next 20 years of my life, I want to…

  1. Learn to play chess
  2. Soak in the hot springs surrounded by snowy aspen trees
  3. Go off the grid in Moab
  4. Hike a 14-er
  5. Jetset to Paris
  6. Enjoy seasonal ballet performances
  7. See Chuck Berry perform
  8. Own an electric car
  9. Share my goals and be held accountable
  10. Skydive
  11. Get married with no shoes on
  12. Practice Tantra
  13. Make brilliant, beautiful babies
  14. Sail the ocean blue
  15. Grow organic produce
  16. Dance to Frank Sinatra
  17. Run a business
  18. Explore the coast of Japan
  19. Finish a half-marathon
  20. Go on road bike adventure trips
  21. Sleep on your shoulder in first class
  22. Commission amazing art
  23. Build an energy-efficient home
  24. Study philosophy and meditation
  25. Become a solid base of support
  26. Learn something new everyday
  27. Have code words for optimal communication
  28. Face my deepest fears and overcome them
  29. Redefine retirement
  30. Laugh daily
  31. Write a book
  32. Be challenged and grow
  33. Raise awesome kids
  34. Change the world

And Universe, please let him know that I want to commit to checking off this list together.

About the Author:


Amy Baglan is on a mission to evolve the dating industry. She started MeetMindful to provide a place for singles into personal development, mindfulness, social change, meditation, yoga and green living to meet like-minded people and discover how to have the best relationship possible. Amy truly believes that romantic relationships are the quickest path to our awakening as human beings. To stay balanced, Amy thrives on her yoga practice, daily green juice, an Ayurvedic stew called kitchari, alpaca knitted accessories and lots of love.


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