Harnessing the Potential of Master Number 11

master number 11

The numerological significance of 11 is extra exciting this month—Laura Brown schools us on the potent magic of master number 11 and what it means for love.

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Ground Yo’self! The Indispensable Magic of Grounding

person takes off shoes to practice grounding in the woods

To remain present in this world, we need practices that keep us connected to Mama Earth. Learn about the undeniable (and simple!) brilliance of grounding.

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Your Monthly Scopes: October

Blending her knowledge of both astrology and Tarot to create Monthly Scopes exclusive to MeetMindful, Laura Brown is here with October’s cosmic forecast.

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5 Warning Signs Your Relationship’s In Need of a Turn-Around

Have you become experts in one another’s faults and forgotten things you adore? Heed these relationship warning signs to turn things around for the better.

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How to Build a Spiritual Connection with Someone

Whether we want to build a spiritual connection with someone we’re in relationship with or with someone we’ve yet to meet, the journey must start with SELF.

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5 Hell-Yeah Signs from the Universe

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by which direction we’re supposed to take in life. The good news? Signs from the universe are close if you know where to look.

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Using Crystals to Attract Love

When looking for ways to invite love, one answer is in the earth herself. Check out this great beginners guide to using crystals to open ourselves to love.

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